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  1. I used those minions to fight minibosses so I didn't need to ask for help
  2. Maybe even a few more raid bosses on Irselnort. There is only 1 (technically)
  3. Dang. Saturation just sucks in general.. unless you have high life steal
  4. https://youtu.be/qiAeKPw4okI The song is Hear the Heathen call by Tyr
  5. I am working on level 29 arena weapons and it's such a grind. Please lower the price for all arena weapons
  6. Very nice! I wish I could have my character drawn
  7. Most dungeon grinding players are probably grinding because of their guilds. Most guilds probably require like +20k gp in a week and that's a very steep price
  8. The cover picture of the video is a paladin
  9. True I have not played Ultima Online but true
  10. DeathKnight is a good tank but Barb has immunity unlike dk shitty regen
  11. On US sapphire I try to help as many as I can. I'm sure there are others that helps them
  12. DK secret reserves are a pain to rely on but I do agree Yea
  13. I do like the events especially when new mechanics are in but they can do better
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