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  1. at all i talk on emerald, if u change subject cause u fear they heard the truth, too bad, i cant support that we elfs must be so under in everything.
  2. thats cause we had more elfs than mc that time, but now is cause mcs overpowered, overlook by devs, overpriorited, overpopulated...
  3. i see how fast u come to we elfs by rush tatic, and always come all alive ;)
  4. or shadows done at least to enter there ::)
  5. unless u be already attacking, u wont be able to atk. unless they changed it, its the true. PS: mercurial is gay
  6. hm, yeah, but think, our main entrance is loaded with mc npcs, ur main entrance, is just another entrance with mobs... way harder to we block it than u block us
  7. ranger : xrainbowzx :unknw: BD: pliskin :) Druid: strawberry :blush: barb: chronoz :clapping: rogue: sakray :good: shaman: patahati :blush:
  8. at all, u can block us enter bg cave from main entrance, while we cant block u, the unique entrace with few elfs npcs, most mcs dont use, but our MAIN entrance is loaded of mcs npcs with a miniboss, then come 10-15 cowards that use blind to kill anyone there... no lifes PS: mercurial is gay
  9. mcs... overpowered, spamming devs support (thats why they dont answer ur msg, cause gays spam their support to make elf even weaker), and cry all the forum, mcs will always win, still remember this : 2rogues killed 2 party at armors.
  10. good idea, but still would be better if they add it only when we have lots skills (10-15+) PS:mercurial is gay
  11. at all, we did suggest is LONG TIME AGO. search before create new topic
  12. mcs are abbused anyway, ppl like he will do it, just kill in sight if u see he 8)
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