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  1. I see very good friend you got there. :) :)
  2. Grimoire

    Best island

    I'm glad that I could finish moraktar, nomore going back to that island. :pleasantry:
  3. Druid summons our grand Daddy : BeHoldEr :crazy:
  4. They want you to hunt it with yours guild members not just your party members ::)
  5. That aint war , thats more like ' Border security Forces' :lol: :rofl:
  6. Its work fine with me just downloaded an hour ago, pc & phne.
  7. Its good then, I got a good time-keeper now. Now I can stay in stealth forever. :dirol:
  8. REmove the ban from party chat atleast. And why do leader of a party still gets the leader position even after he/she is offline? You guys changed everything or just too many bugs :rofl:
  9. U dnt go in: they cast on u ;D
  10. Rogues & warlock main gankers :facepalm:
  11. Omg this bann :facepalm: seriously it doesnt like me at all. ban on my 2nd post :facepalm: :facepalm: Better remove this system. :drinks:
  12. Ofc druid Op. oldschool
  13. I do :blush: :bad: .
  14. what ur opinion: arena is about teamwork? or one guy charging in and killing everything on his way :crazy:
  15. Only 1 thing I see in my chat BAN BAn bAn BAN ;D
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