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  1. necro = money earner warlock = money waster
  2. pvp not working at all.
  3. new skill for rogues : pick_pocket steal gold from enemy players. Amount of gold stolen increases with increase in skill level. :pleasantry:
  4. If he comes back then I'll just have to edit this story again ;D
  5. So donkor was a fat man aha :spiteful: ;D good and funny one :lol:
  6. An unexpected day for the Arinar Gods In the world of arinar War rages on for the possession of the spear. Seeing no end to all those chaos and deaths, the Gods of arinar Harad, Nuadu and Garaan decided to teach their children a lesson. So they sent in a monster that the world of arinar had never seen before. Deep down in the halls of sanctuary, a devilish monster known as “The Beholder” was drop down from nowhere into the world of arinar. Words spread like wildfire of how horrific and powerful this monster was among the people of the legions and Elves. The best of arinar warriors and magicians from both factions were recruited for slaying that monster. When all was ready the warriors of both factions marched into the deep hall of the sanctuary where the demonic monster awaits them. When both factions confront each other on their way to the hall, the plagues of their hatred overtook them and chaos breakout. Only some warriors who survived from the chaotic battle were able to reach the hall where beholder was spawned. Beholder was like no other monster that dwells in arinar. He was a death bringer. Warriors were devoured by just looking into his eyes. Mighty warriors of each faction tried their chances in slaying the monster as well as themselves. At the end beholder stood tall, even arinar mightiest and strongest warriors of both factions were not able to slay the monster. The wise ones from the two clans knew that they would never be able to slay this monster by themselves unless they work together so they signed a truce in order to defeat and slay this monster. Arinar mightiest and strongest Warriors were recruited again from both factions and they marched again to the hall. But this time it was not as two enemies marching in but as one against the great and mighty demon who had brought people of arinar together. As they entered the hall, beholder was surprised to see that the children of Harad, Nuadu and Garaan were working together as one. The warriors from both sides came charging at him, beholder gave them a tough fight but they kept on coming and finally it was too much even for the mighty beholder to stand up against the new united alliance. And finally the great one was defeated. As beholder falls to ground it knew that his mission in bringing the two clans together had succeeded so he asked the Gods to send him back to where he came from. The three Gods appeared and all the warriors who were still standing in that hall bowed down before them. The Gods thanked beholder for making the impossible possible and so they send him back. Nuadu, one of the three Gods spoke “My children, war is not the only resolve to attain peace in this world. There are many more ways to do it. During our days, we three Gods courted war in order to seek peace but all we got was deaths and suffering of our own people. But today ‘You young warriors’ can make the change of what we had started and the fate of this world too. So choose wisely my children. My blessing will be with you all.” The three Gods blessed their children and vanished. The warriors cherish with triumph as they returned to their homes. Today the monster named Beholder will never be seen anymore. It will only be in the history of arinar and tales told by the survived warriors who battled it but the lesson learned by the warriors who battled it will live on.
  7. :shok: Arenabasket ????
  8. Aha if it is, I should get started searching rich friends ;D Summon lots of slaves ;D :yahoo:
  9. what the difference in lvl 1 bee and lvl 5 bee ? duration of skill effect increase. damage increase. Only opponent critical and speed decrease. All of them
  10. Grimoire


    which one give more heal? 5 aura and 1 heavenly light OR 1 aura and 5 heavenly light
  11. I am a dead meat for sure, server close when I was trying to run away from shakles towers ;D
  12. What if it was true, most ppl here would go crazy'ss. :crazy: And I would love to watch em ;D
  13. Maybe in rus server.
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