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  1. Any big bossin METAL GEAR fans still around? Let me know if you want to join a large facebook group its nuclear in there (both serious discussion and funny stuff) a bunch of good admins too
  2. Taken last minute, gp is after reset Amazing tour win *hi* thank you all who joined
  3. Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? Remember how she said that We would meet again Some sunny day? Vera! Vera! What has become of you? Does anybody else in here Feel the way I do?
  4. Lol if swaaz wasn't gone by now he would definately earn it here. Grats to all! Too bad i didn't enter my boss
  5. Accu is one of the most important attributes in the game.
  6. Thanks for the morning giggles
  7. As i understood it when it happened was any of the Putin ones for starters.. i dont think they would ban the "in soviet russia (blank blanks) you" but i could be wrong. I could google it but i would like to live dangerously. Whoever answers should be given a cookie
  8. What are ya buyunnn?
  9. And that my buddy is just two shakes of a lambs tail from invincible
  10. Game dies whenever events / upgrades are spaced too far apart. halloween and christmas are too close together. If they made a spring festival and mid-summer island event then maybe things would be better.
  11. The weapons dmg will be retarded at lvl24 weapons.. already dmg is passing 1k base and soon more
  12. Pliskin

    lollipop yo

    Use symbian and you get early warspear updates
  13. I dunno pepe im still learning about doge...
  14. Ya man i am eco-friendly i'm not top notch like you but i can sleep at night
  15. What if i told you i never 4Chan or reddit OR go on 9gag or any of them EVER i get all my stuff from facebook comments and am consistently in the battlegrounds I grew up with funnyjunk.com in the early 2000s and that is my foundation. Reddit and 9gag dont draw me suprisingly but i find all my info about them on facebook wars i dont think im any better than them just its not my playground You could be a tumblrlrlrlr guy who demands cat memes over triggers and i would love you too
  16. Do you really need to ask...
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