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  1. lol the best are the ones who killed eyes first or at all and Medusa or tried anax I'd say .

    savageking, philiplou, xmoon are my favorites oh and that one guy. its pointless to say who's best based on a popularity system so how about u put in all the factors of and those that sacrifice those who lead. those who. listen , have patience  and those that have solid pvp skills.



    put all your schoolyard drama aside. those who try are the best. and stop crying about amplify


    its part of the game. I like my 4k defense and my farming friends without good druids bladedancers are useless @}-

  2. Questions die hard MC asking today.

    1. Why is pliskin so cute?

    2. How come 5bd owned on camp legion (town5 for u MC not knowing your town names)?

    3. How come they did same to caravan ( town 4 for u mentioned above)?

    4. How come it took 20 minutes to kill them near scout camp n lake ( town3 for u again)?

    5. How come only the good MC keep modesty n all else rant about elf suck?

    6. OMG pliskin has four lvl 18 items n uses pots n revives he's a haxor?

    7. If u play both sides n have good chars you're lame?

    8. Y we not have many labyrinth items?

    9. Y is sharkin so sexy?

    10. Why is chrismo such a pimp toy barb?


  3. *hi* kuzmitch, no one replied my post on forum so i am posting the same topic. Will be there any possibility of trade of goods between alliance i.e forsaken and mountain clan or elfs and chosens? I am curious to know cos i got two handed axe, i was thinking to shift it to my future paladin :D i am just curious XD n.vm :)


    :facepalm: try remembering your own quote weezey getting all mad

    chill out on people not as talented as you healing even when they lag try have a  :drinks:

  4. Most of you know me.  Hate me. Or group with me. THIS IS FOR ALL (EVEN MC)

      As we all know. The astral labyrinth is full of loot everyone wants but is a somewhat of a pain. ESPECIALLY WHEN U GO A FEW HOURS N DIE. SO HERES MY IDEA



    There is two basic ways to go through the maze.

    1. Killing all in way(seems easiest way so far to keep all alive)

    2. Running through(saves hours)


    I will explain an easy way to do both.


    1. Killing all in the way can be done easy by having one barb/bladedancer pull first add closest to them in farthest spot possible to make last mobs evade. (I'll sure u know what I mean if u ever farm any boss with adds ) all focus same add to kill fast. AND move to next add same idea . Pretty simple yes? Most mobs on path have evade spots.  Just like bosses (for most part)


    2. This way of running requires all classes to know spot n know add. Most mobs have four high Atk and one parasite as you might have noticed.  If all groups pick add to string /gouge/shock/root/scatter. By killing parasite as well all can run through AT very least last mob of the map you are on. If however on those maps that have more than two groups use evade spots (mentioned above ) to run to n kill the couple that follow u n get set for next mob. GIVE TIME FOR RECHARGING YOUR IMMOBILIZATION SKILLS have one (highest Def) lead and high heal on that person.


    I hope this is clear enough if not I can hope you at least realize this server CAN be better


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