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  1. they don't care ??? f...k ... another costume ??? outfits , costumes ... WHERE IS THE SYMBOL OF GREATNESS ? WHY U CONTINUE TO PUT THAT KIND OF REWARDS .... ( increase bag space pls ) probably coz they are still spending a lot of money for that.... is ur fault guys coz u focus only abt costumes outfits... and MarketSpear is in STAND BY mode...no more gears..no lv 20 items... no big big BOSS like an entire faction have to work for kill.... no0 headquarters , where a strong guild can defend the territory( just Kiljmo stairs , and i respect him )..... noob ppl in PVP CAVE STILL NOT undestand the no write rules .... U got remember about ... we are the market , we are the ppl play the game....we can decide ...not the dev They just enjoying you all spent ur money for an outfit .....
  2. pls guys , make equipped the last items dropped from riberious in ice event . ::)
  3. welcome back guys ! Hope u soon fix the items coz are still personal.. ty for all !
  4. Roland.... i think is not hard to understand this player ...his reasons... u got respect a "player" in anycase , even if look like a stupid write... coz you are one of the Boss. if u guys continue to think about the $ ( and u right..) more players will leave for any kind of reason... but i think the most important of is , that game risk to loose the real soul of any mmorpg online that u can call free... Any Player MUST have the same possibility to reach power and you guys are not working about that...you are growing the difference between normal players and rich players ..(like 2 different warspear) and this is no good..maybe this is the real reason.. I know is very hard to manage all complaints and issues for all servers and u guys are very pro ( especially with Ru . ) doing that . But u not considering a new player want start play and become strong and maybe want try no spent money ,,just play a videogame like all normal players do... maybe u guys can create a rich league or something like that.. sry for my poor english
  5. 1) New gears , new weapons , etc etc.................... pls add more slots on bag !! 2) Arena 1 v 1 ( try to balance ranged vs melee and magic vs all others) 3) Stop give costumes or outfits in Guild tournament - ( how u can balance the rewards compare to the Symbol of Greatness or the cape - is still UNBALANCED ) - propose good items for players want fight and no care abt costumes outfits.... 4) Is Time for the BD use 1h weapon ??? 5) Ranger is still OP - 6) Unbind only for Mcoin users?? this totally unlogic... ( and explain why i can't unbind some costumes..tell me the reason ?? if exist ) Ty all guys !
  6. Welkome Back ! Let see us how many mc u will kill ! ::)
  7. all the world have facebook.... ::)
  8. Hi Devs Pls can u tell me the reasons why you made those items ? U tried to balance the arena in favor to all normal ppl...?? It was a test about the first tournaments awards ?? Who made that is a genious.... ty for your answers Abbo
  9. Hy DEVS I leave u this message... Just coz i want be sure u know what that guy do everyday ..... Search on Fb just Warspear..on the search list results u will find something strange....take a look.... ty guys... I understand u all.... ur buisness about this awesome game but SERVER have to be SAFE ...too much cheat...bugs... Holes in Android System...Advanced cheat engines on Win...etc etc... too much complains from players... King Regard Master Skull
  10. better wait and fix all bugs..... like nadir fight..trade bug etc etc....
  11. sure they hate Bds....
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