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  1. Lolololol u know who is crossfit u posted WHO IS CROSSFIT ? For burning ppl

    And please this not a chat go play in game and spam in other place :bad: if dont like the topic no read but no spam withur sh..it


    Have we spoken before ??  :mega_shok: So just dont assume that i know u, and if this is what you are then i really dont care.. u really must hate me to use such strong words.. wonder why ????  :)  enjoy the game dude..
  2. And who is the newbie dirtifox jealous of one troll rogue ? Because one bd cant go alone to caravans? Need breakout? What think? In one month or two playing think superior only for amp?  Other bd rich with brainless mind. :facepalm:

    :search: :search: :search: :search: where??? :search: :search: who??? :search: :search: :search: whooo??? Is dirtifoxy??  :search: :search:  ahh i know who is, a kid brainless rich but cant kill me alone hahaha

    10 hours only? :dirol: :lol: i troll elves with this trololo song hahahahahahahaahahaha


    WOW what a reply for such a simple question " Who is CROSSFIT ? "  :drinks:


    All i wanted was to know a little about the person who has posted "Who hate crossfit and who love?"  ::)


    And thank you for your FRANK and HONEST opinion about me.. ;)


  3. HERALD HUNTS MC  :good:


    ACT 1 : 4 elves hunting Herald.. 2 party of MC come, Elves put up a fight kill 3 MC including a shaman.. only 1 shaman left in the  MC group.. All elves killed.  :facepalm:


    ACT 2: MC try to hunt HERALD.. OMG  ;D  Whats this HERALD is HUNTING the MCs  :lol:  Rest of the story in PICS of how this hunt ended in 5 mins since it started.. :yahoo: Could only get the last few shots ... :'(





  4. i have +7 swords  :) no +1 really nia how old have? Maybe studying in primary school  :facepalm:

    stop post s...t with ur english of a kid with no hand lol  :bad:



    :facepalm:  I never thought ENGLISH was a requirement to POST.. You maybe very learned my friend but whats the use of such learning if its meant to degrade someone who is trying to communicate.  :facepalm:  SHAME on u and people like u who do this...



  5. Many insults in yours post. ,suall thats u? What a surprise many spam every day with urs pm lol

    In the pvp u win me for a luck crit and many dodges  ,low heal :bad: when in go for the third u hiding again i understand, dont want lose u know the lucky got in 2 pvp

    Learn english  :crazy:

    I agree  :facepalm:


    LOL  :tease:  That was a fair fight that took place in the CAVE, so why give excuses and also there is no such thing as LUCK. All those present saw what happened.. BREAKOUT WON !!!
  6. always hiding in nadir when alone, scaried crossfit will kill him, poor nia  :facepalm: :facepalm:


    For your Information Breakout beat CROSSFIT in PVP  2 out of 2 times they fought...  ;D



  7. and your business here is? oh yeah, It's non of your business. go kiss spammers since you love defending them  :facepalm:


    :tease:  I got as much right to be here as u, and got no love defending u even though put it so pointedly... :tease:

  8. :wacko:  I made those pointless screenshots to show you guys what Nia was doing, even though it is screenshots from game, I don't think it's necessary to post useless ones well what I mean is like pics that don't show anything exciting and not only that he posted screenshots like every 5 minutes, just like how I post my non-sense pics in my clan's clanbook  :tease:


    Anyone asked u for ur OPINION ? you want to post something go ahead and post it...thats what a forum is meant for...

    BUT u got no BUSINESS telling people what is to be POSTED here..


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