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  1. you are playing the game on sunnie and ishh char ducktardfirst pic is two imps + ranger and bd vs 1 warlock, point?


    guess you don`t understand so better stop talking.


    ;D  ;D  coming from u who uses all ur firends characters and multiboxes  :facepalm:

  2. Post your paladin stats! Mine comin as soon as I play again xD



    Stats is broad term.. u need to specify what is that u are exactly wanting people to post here  :pleasantry:

  3. :facepalm:  past few weeks only getting runes (shielding rune to be particular) crystals and lots of scrolls and bottles ....and that too at shamans , captives & hydra quests... look at the chances....1 noob item in 5 and i always end up with the noob (a rune or crystal....)



    Doing these quests with all characters & daily... whats the point...?

  4. its easy hide from here if elfs not waiting you in teleport like retards with no life, only wait spiders respawn and try go in this case from the up dont go from center and ofc you need put your maximum heal , defence dont works in towers the problem its when got a lag conection and towers hit you when u arrived teleport



    Aren't you forgetting some noob MCs just waiting to gang up on unsuspecting Elves..  :tease: ...

  5. :facepalm:  My kudos to DEVS for yet another money making racket...  The more $$ u spend, the faster u get euipments & weapons

          using scrolls & pots in arena...  Destruction of good old PVP  :bomb:


    :facepalm:  Failures of WARSPEAR - 2012 , 1) Norlant Swamps  2) Median Night  & 3) The coming update  :diablo:



    :facepalm:  SMS payment not working in India




    :facepalm:  Guess the time's coming for me to wind up from this game and move on..  :drinks:








  6. Changes

    1.scrl reapiar now 29mc

    2.Mobs increased hp

    3.more harder in selecting of lvl18items

    4.durality of items decreased


    :crazy: :crazy: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    u forgot some points..  now we will need more exp to lvl up... :cray: , to only keep going thru teleport without getting to quests  :crazy:  ... Die even more more number of times... :dirol: ....


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