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  1. goodluck guys for your guild *hi* dirtfox u finally made a guild *applause*


    :blush:  Thank you very much Gin, TheCore was in existence since long bro.. we just got ourselves listed out here today.. :drinks:
  2. Hmm don't worry there also level 20 elves who can help u ... Chainless Quests are tough but worth the effort and u learn to appreciate your character.. good luck to you.. contact me in game...

  3. :good:  very good.. like the idea alot..



    Undying: kill 50 of the opposing faction without dying.


    Murderous troll: Kill 100 of the opposing faction without dying.


    Walking corpse: die 100 times.


    Rich and powerful: Amp any item to +10.


    Isle conqueror: Complete all quests from the 1st isle.


    All grown up: Gain lvl20.


    Flawless: Win an arena match without yourself and your allies taking any damage.


    Legless: Teleport 20 times.


    I Refuse to die: Resurrect 10 times.


    Bully: Kill 20 players under level 13 on Irselnort.


    Scrooge: Have 1,000,000 gold.


    Lab rat: Kill all bosses from astral lab.


    I Could go on forever.... and ever... :crazy:


  4. LOL  :lol:  i love this post ... thx for lettin us know...


    Isnt hard to see his head ;D 

    And yes, i always join war with my ranger if i see good and respected elves getting ganked at pvp cave.

    Sadly 90% of that disturbers are warlocks with elf as main like cazapollos, goodofwars, diosodin.. etc, disturbing their own faction acting like mc heros "we hate elf" "pvpcave is our, not elf allowed" etc.. so ♥♥♥♥ed up minds, they pm you crying when you kill their main elf there :wacko:

    The low respected noob rangers of the last year are the warlocks of today, Poley kicked their ass using friend druid so hard  :lol:


  5. don`t need help to kill you, you learn that lessen already many times, now all you do is run when see my loves shaman, after it killed you non stop everywhere, unlike pussy nia atleast you don`t hide forever and do come out to die.


    how many times i killed you with my own chars yesterday, alone at your caravans even?



      ;D  nice pics ... a small correction, these are from last year... i know when i am beaten so i run.. but on the other thand u and ur friends seem to love hunting me... hmmm wonder why ?? Ohh by the way Happy 2013.. :drinks:
  6. You didn't struck shit bro, Can't believe you guys think a person is mad just cause they talk like this  :facepalm:


    I like to spar with good players bro but i dont get personal... ur char may be strong and u a good player  :good: but u as a person cud be better than that.. :drinks:

  7. Can't stealth while in combat, and I don't need my friends, why don't you shut up and come fight me 1 on 1 if you still got the balls to do it, you scared to show how hard you suck? Or you rather show Breakout and Nia that in bed?


    looks like i have struck a RAW NERVE  :drinks:

  8. LOL NO

    shut the **** up kid and stop posting bullduck lies. K bye.


    ;D  go get ur friends or even better use stealth to catch some unsuspecting elf ... why do u care if they lies ..


    we both know whats the truth  :crazy:

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