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  1. Some are online, I guess it’s issue with iPhone and android users
  2. Same problem connecting forever.. and by the way Jack all my reward chests were also busts .. so warspear is the clear winner
  3. 300+ dg with only 4 useless drops to show, absolute waste of time
  4. Solo DG in Spring Event is a big failure... u guys might have got the concept right but it seems like this DG was only meant for highly amped players...
  5. Gm shud give free book to players for rearranging skill points
  6. Congrats Raveboy nice post and good luck..
  7. IF anyone wants to start as "Ranger Class" then I would personally recommend that you go through this very well documented guide. Its very important that a guide explains the basic concepts, so as to make their class strong and use is it the right manner. Great Job and hope you would win the contest.
  8. This is the most weird bug since update.. You go 3x3 arena and end up 3x2 . :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: I hope devs do something asap.
  9. Do you really think the WS Management cares about how they get their money ....? :facepalm:
  10. Good work for the tournament guys.. need to post a snap of the most ugly costume reward in WS history
  11. Write up has always been fancy for all events.. :drinks: Lets see if it actually matches the expectations.
  12. Funny update changed the guild ranking for this tournament :bomb:
  13. Enjoy the emoticons in game :good:
  14. dirtfox

    sever down

    Same here, :facepalm: seems the server crashed..
  15. This is a very good point and should be in support. :good: Guilds have active and passive skills Higher the level of the guild which has activated its guild skills, greater the advantage to its members against players not in guild. So it would not be easy to win against a guild team for normal players in all formats of arena. Under the current Arena pattern with guild points being added to each win. Guilds are focusing more in this area So the only solution as I see Each player in Warspear must be part of a guild OR Separate Arena for guilds aiming for GP to give a fair chance to players without guild.
  16. Nice post Springy.. and congrats on win :good:
  17. Congrats to ABC guild for winning the 2nd position this tournament. :drinks: Its been one nerve wreaking and back breaking work these whole 2 weeks. We had some hiccups but in the end you guys really did well. I guess it takes a wining guild to really appreciate the hard work that goes into reaching the top 3 :good: . Hope to see more from you guys. Best of luck..
  18. My sincere request to you, kindly check the arena ratings of each member of TheCore in Level 20 5 v/s 5 ,1 guild arena team = 5 players , using Unity Pot , 16 GP / player for each win if u spam 100 tickets per player : 100 x 5 x 16 = 8000GP If you check the battle seasons of each player you shall know the facts. :facepalm: Not even a single player played 100 fights. TheCore made 370K GP competing with Level 3 guilds, we reached level 3 on 2nd October. Tournament ended on 4th October. I had to reply to this post because it undermines the efforts of each member of this guild. If you really want to know how we managed to achieve this kind of GP contact me in game. I would be very happy to share all the info required for upcoming guilds (in game). Congrats to all Winners across Warspear. "Teamwork produces best results"
  19. dirtfox

    tourny problem

    :facepalm: :facepalm: It seems the Technical Support chooses to act ignorant about this.. wonder why ? One person doesn't receive a Winners chest and admin replies back promptly, and here an entire tournament result is messed up and they choose to ignore.. wonder why ?
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