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  1. Nah. Warspear is a unique game. It certainly has some funny names for its mobs and bosses. (No Offence to the devs) :lol:
  2. I have no ambition to be at the top. PVP is more fun when it's unregulated like the FB-MC wars that take place. But I do fight in the arena to hoard up Arena Points for any possible introduction of new equipment...
  3. As Fizaa said, the level cap for now 20. And the best way to get gold is not only through farming, but by doing daily quests (The Blue '!') where you get pots as rewards along with gold. Those pots can be sold for gold too... Best place for farming (If you're an Elf on Irselnort) is any area with blue colored mobs, because they cause low damage to your equipment so lesser repair costs are involved. About MCs though, I have no idea... :)
  4. Whenever an update happens, the developers usually don't change the entire game. Just a few aspects here and there. The new update most certainly won't reset your existing character or cause you to lose your gold. Don't worry and be happy. Welcome to the Warspear Community... 8)
  5. When I had this quest, I couldn't find a decent party to complete the quest for days. So I left it pending and went offline for a few days for some work. When I come back online, what do I see? My quest's been done for me... :yahoo:
  6. Not to forget, that the Paladin's Stun also increases the damage per subsequent strike for a while if you use Purification...
  7. I agree. There were many good players before. Some of them switched sides because of the Rogue's Stealth skill and others found the game too boring to play anymore. If the developers fix the worldwide SMS systems for purchasing MCoins, then these newbies will be silenced by us folks who've been playing the game since v 1.6 or earlier...
  8. Agreed. The DK seems to be aggressive whereas the Paladin is a defensive character. Would like to make him aggressive like a DK though... :)
  9. That seems to be a PVP trap skill similar to the BD's 'Hamstring', Druid's 'Root', Ranger's 'Trap', Barb's 'Charge', Rogue's 'Gouge', and Shammy's 'Earthquake'... That's my understanding Ashurainx. Correct me if I'm wrong. 8)
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