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  1. You believed that he has doom bow.. He got you :diablo: You know what? Maybe we shouldn spam this thread..
  2. ha! he got you! :lol: :tease: :yahoo:
  3. guwer87

    please help

    U wrote that u send something which meaning u dont know? :facepalm: Ticket is all information u are sending by form on support site. :facepalm: You really dont anderstand what snorlax is asking for? Let me explain... When u send ticket to support u must give ur email adress, and now is the question was this adress the same as adress u are using on forum? OMG This is so simple :facepalm:
  4. ANd if i choose elves, my ears will grow longer? :lol: :lol:
  5. I hope many new people will start their adventure with game from here . Have fun! :drinks:
  6. Because 1 friend is better than 1000 enemies.
  7. You plan to spam this link everywhere?
  8. guwer87


    Maybe some description of this site? We are not reading in others mind.. And noone want to be scamed or have viruses.
  9. hard to say, prices are different.. from 5k to 20k :unknw:
  10. oh my.. thx bloody.. I dont know what to say.. I would like to thank my mother and father, my dog which i dont have and .. and all of you;) Have a nice day :friends:
  11. Unfortunately, yes. But will it be true friend? I dont think so. Cheers to you too :drinks:
  12. Congratz to all of you ! :clapping:
  13. Haha i can read it and i fully understand this, am i ufo? :facepalm: No, im just a geek. Vomm, why you ignore me? :cray:
  14. guwer87

    please help

    Wait one more day, they have 5 days to reply.
  15. Live with ur precious god, but pls dont spam :facepalm: About topic: Maybe u could add some ideas for forsakens and chosens bosses?
  16. I agree, this ideas should be used to improve existing skill more than creating new factions.
  17. Dont post your email on forum!
  18. guwer87

    Pro #1 player

    I must say that forum user Saber is worse than PvpRange. Why? Pls look at his "-"s descriptions for PvpRange. Only insults, more than others. I think someone have sexual complexes :facepalm: His writing only about penises, vaginas etc. That should be treated. Why so much hatred? PvpRange just wanna have fun and u are saying to him such a insulting words? Where this world is going these days? This is so painful to see ppl attacking each other. If you could you would kill him with bare hands, i think. Never mind, the blood will be on yours hands.
  19. guwer87


    And have really good party, cooperating :facepalm:
  20. :lol: :lol: good to know we have such talkative person ;)
  21. awww yes.. almost forgot :facepalm:
  22. guwer87


    Yes, i like this idea:) On one of the screens from legacy of Berengars in the background there is an tower:)
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