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  1. thx for reply, the show must go on!! its time to.. SPAM:D its a vengance of amp system:D
  2. guwer87


    some of playaers would have a lot of ignored "healers " :D
  3. Just take it easy and play for ur own fun, if u made any friends ingame just ask them for arena, go with them to hunt, there are few capabilities to joy the game:) And remember , alll who call u noob are real noobs! theyre playing to be best, they forgot what is this game made for, they dont know that on end of this "reaching best" road theres nothing but frustration that they spent so much money only on few pixels and nothing more. sad but true Dont give up:) sun is shining for everybody:)
  4. new to the game is : newbie not noob but ur right noob is someone who : "someone who refuses to accept he is bad at the game" and rules and manners etc.
  5. few days ago my 2h axe broked.. sad.. but its better than lost item.. good luck guys
  6. guwer87

    hi all

    ur welcome :drinks: have fun playing ws and posting on forum :crazy:
  7. Thx for ur warm words:) wee need that kind of ppl like urs:* i play warspear for 7 months and never loose hope:) im only 16 lvl noob who just wanna have fun:)
  8. im not from us server, but i can say HI! welcome to forum and feel like in home (sorry for my english)
  9. SOrry but u cant get ur weapon back:( thats why its so risky to amp without signs. Sorry bro.
  10. ehm.. long live desy, u will always be in ours hearts!!
  11. Hi, How can i change others karma? I cant see any "+'s" or "-'s". Thx in advance
  12. :good: :good: :good: :good: :good: :good: :good: 100% agree!! We want to help but in situation when 100 ppl are asking at the same time.. pls.. be patient
  13. +1 always safe to amp, but more than +1 is unfortunately not safe:(
  14. yeah.. "noob" is like punch into face:/
  15. nothing more to say!! true words:) just be polite, and make new friends whenewer u can:) its important not to argue, just leave.. ppl are jealous and some of them want to be the best no matter what:) just be yourself and have fun:) if u feel that game is streesful then just shut it down and go out side, meet with ur friends and return back later:)
  16. same here.. many hours of hunting different bosses and nothing but def spheres... is this some kind of joke?:/
  17. :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout: more action!!!
  18. I play on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S I cant link items in chat I dont like new keyboard.. when i want to wright sth it pops up new window to wright.. pointless:/
  19. Mr Kuuzzzzzz plsss give us poor mcs the ranger scrooll , we will be very happy to be like them ;) this sccroll would give us ability to use bows and we still could use hard armor:D BOWS FOR EVERYONE!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  20. Thats right. what makes his game fun is like krzyskillz said , maiking friends and partying with them, making quests togeteher, chatting all time long, laughing at funny moments and so on:) dying together is fun too:) I wish u having a lot of fun:) I can tell u , im on 16 lvl, all my eq is only +1 and i never complain about it, im playing more and more, im meeting new ppl all time , and i enjoy it:) its a most important part of this game:) not to be the best.. because when u reach being the best, then the game will be boring.. nothing to do..
  21. yeaaahhhh , and after that there will be biiiiigg spam chat!!! u see that? no? then think that over..
  22. your? means mine? OR YOUR means your? WTF??
  23. U too Mecha, have a nice day! lets sun shine on us;) u see, im not reach noob, im poor but funny and always first to help noob, im that one who just wanna have some fun noob, im that one who earned all eq by himself, im thet noob with less, but best friends! and thats the point! not to argue, but to give hapinnes to others;) hehe im talking like an old priest:D but its all true, no matter what color of skin u have, no matter where are u from, which language u use if u play fair, u r friend of mine!
  24. only new classes are interestning, rest .. hmm islands only for low lvl players.. not fun..
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