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  1. Yesterday there was a little war at the lake boss:D
  2. so lucky;) wish u more luck:) i stopped on kraat:(
  3. lot of elves have helped u:) i would like to have so much friends
  4. yeah and u kill me twice :|
  5. masz racje wilku, nawet nie mozna zorganizowac ludziskow na shadowsy, a co dopiero klan
  6. guwer87

    Kitty Clan

    Kitty where is ur pic?:(
  7. MC 17.07.2012 Old arr-vok - lowlands of sorrow
  8. hehe robosex:D hey lets make a new faction in game "robo's" :dirol:
  9. sorry to hear that:( but its true:( and its sad that these ppl who are calling others "noobs" etc are generally youngsters.
  10. pinkitty on this ss :shok: :shok:
  11. I cant stop looking at you kitty, so much fun;)
  12. Shadows of berengras is the last yellow quest following main story at this time.
  13. haha i like this: Some fellow players hunting gg. Im coming and asking to join them. They are sending me invite request im im joining. After that: (some (not) high lvl pt mate)-"What is ur Def( im barb)?" (me)-"2,4 k"( i know its very low) (some (not) high lvl pt mate)-" :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: " Its so funny:D Noobs calling others noobs.. All of us started from zero.
  14. guwer87


    Ur number of lives will be reduced, kitty :spiteful: :spiteful: mcs will be glad to see u death
  15. guwer87

    Hello :)

    Hi kristinn:) :blush: nice avatar.. ahhh
  16. no, no communication.. there would be word's war, big argue etc. Bloodlipa ur posts always inspiring me, theyre so true , they are like a sound of a war drums when ppl going to fight for their lives. Good job! Heil Mc Clan! OFF: :rofl: :rofl:
  17. Today we will try with elfs:) P.S. Tsja i saw u in da game;) nice look:)
  18. PrettyPinay u one should know this isnt topic to arguing... Give some respect to ur friend desy and just cut this senseless conversation with sulti.
  19. yes, its always safe to amp to +1:) nothing can happen , but succes:)
  20. guwer87

    Best Character

    NIce post:) + for you:) i play barb and i know what he is made of:)
  21. Ingolv doesn know where is the location of relic:( Ugruck's tavern - Hock'ap is a right location :)
  22. Ja tam nikomu eq nie daje i nie bede dawac:) po to wszyscy dostali raczki by sobie zarobic na wszystko:) takze w grze..
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