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  1. guwer87


    bloody kiss.. nice, death eyes staring at you..
  2. guwer87

    Mody do ws

    Bedzie ciezko, po drugie mogli by zbanowac za probe modyfikacji.
  3. Wow ksardess Ty zyjesz, co sie z Toba dzialo? czemu mialbys byc na tej liscie?
  4. guwer87


    me too :clapping: :clapping: ..tomorrow , yay!! death will walking again.
  5. SUlla, why you always arguing with someone u think is brainless? U could talk with a chair as well.
  6. morket doesnt "see" them in ur inventory?
  7. gradex, you accuse all ppl on forum of showing off? why you take notice about it so much?
  8. Maybe its true, but u too and dont try to deny;)
  9. It depends on the combat style u choose, range or melee.. magic or physic damage, support or tank
  10. guwer87

    Best Character

    Yep, i agree... Often, I cant even get to them. ouch
  11. guwer87


    be at my side and ur life will not be punished
  12. In this game, making money is not easy job, but farming gold by killing mobs is easy :dirol:
  13. PLs write in english on international forum... :facepalm:
  14. Jak chcesz gre pokojową to zagraj w simsy :wacko:
  15. chyba juz to poraz 10 pisze, ale bede grac DK:) a jak mi sie znudzi to i Warlockiem:)
  16. o lol :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  17. guwer87


    Born to die and be your most teriffied horror.
  18. Lets make a list of mcs not being elves! I'M the one of pure blood mc!
  19. DK(M) - Death Killing (Machine) Sounds nice, isnt it?
  20. forsaken, i like dark, and bad chars;)
  21. Take its easy... or just try to relax.. there always wil be good ppl and bad ppl, this is how our world works. Just focus on that good ppl who wish u best.
  22. Do u know what is function "search" for? this missing stone is in broken caravan east from nadir, on elfs side. have fun!
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