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  1. Just for fun :tease: :yahoo: or just nick from real life.. But i couldnt pick 2 answers:(
  2. First of all: Why u r always figthing with each other, ppl? Why cant you just cooperate, have fun playing together? ALways arguing, always battling. The human race is destroing itself from it own hands. Second: This is a topic with screenshots from the game, make a new topic and call it "Here u can do a senseless arguing with everybody that steps on ur foot". Thx for attention. Have a nice time with 3.0!
  3. i can surely say that other cllasses understand you for sure. On my early steps in this game i was druid too and i know how HARD it is to get loot from mobs..You standing and shoting at mob and seeing ranger killing twice more mobs than you at the same time.. sad, but true. But dont worry, and believe me your hard work will be appreciated soon. WIsh u luck again!!
  4. I have a good news for you, Siwers will come back as forsaken:) STay tuned;)
  5. All my friends on server are my "gods". Thank u for being patient, and not looking at me like at noob, you are my heroes! :good: :give_rose:
  6. Happy Birthday, the one of the best mods on Frm:) Wish u luck!
  7. guwer87

    where is 3.0?

    Sweden, poland , were brothers bloody :drinks:
  8. guwer87

    where is 3.0?

    their hq is in +3 time zone:) Poland is in +1 for eample.
  9. I saw her/his spam posts, its so boring seing only his/her posts all the time and moreover without any sense:/
  10. exactly:( sad... but.. just wait.. and "stay tuned" as snorlax is saying sometimes.
  11. guwer87

    where is 3.0?

    even about 23:59:59 it will be 25.07.2012:)
  12. No, Nokia doesnt have 3.0.
  13. Silent on Google Play, nothing changed.. they are waiting for approval, i think
  14. I always reedem items before selling again:)
  15. And thats why i will be DK:) See u soon on Forsaken lands of terror.
  16. PrettyPaney jeszcze , ale ona jest z US, do etgo znam jeszcze mettalgirl
  17. oh its not a matter of how much ppl they hire or what software they use, its an safety and piracy policy of apple..
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