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  1. Now game have some chalenge! PVP rules, big wars rulezzz, wars between guilds rulezzz!! My cat rullezz.. ouu.. too much computer... :rofl:
  2. guwer87

    Photo Spam

    :shok: :shok: And who said that german girls are ugly :diablo: Great picture :crazy:
  3. Yeah, everything was said in this topic, time to close it :fool:
  4. You are just looking the best :unknw:
  5. Then i must tell yu in secret that i will quit :lol:
  6. Calm down and dont worry. There will always be "black sheep" kind of ppl who just dont know what fun means.
  7. knox, hornig, crossfit, supremann - my gods
  8. Ehmm.. bloooddyyy.. it was really you writing this post ? ^
  9. If you wanna just play and have fun, then find some fine ppl and play with them and dont worry, be happy;) I act like this all the time. I wear only cc set armor and have arena weapon and im still happy playing this game, i have friends, i help newbies sometimes, never wanted to be the best. For some important people i will always be the best for them.
  10. If the previous owner deleted your char then it is over, end of all endings, and there isnt such a god to help you with this problem :lol: Learn about databases and u wil know what im talking about.
  11. guwer87


    Every woman is beautiful, in most cases we are just blind and cant see their beauty which they hide inside. Kisses to all girls :give_rose:
  12. Great, beautiful children Mrs Cereal Killer. This is my favorite picture of bloody too. Like from movie.
  13. guwer87


    You know each other?
  14. I wzajemnie Will! :drinks: Jak moglbym zapomniec o Koszernym, dzieki niemu zdobylem swoj pierwszy loot:) Alicemoon - niesmialy ale pomocny gosc. Flaszek - Z nim zaczalem te przygode, spoko ziom :drinks: KamilxDafi - poczatki , wspomnienia :drinks: Marcin - zawsze pomocny :drinks: Mozna by tak wymieniac i wymieniac, ale wlasnei dzieki wam ta gra nabiera rumiencow, bez ludzi ta gra byla by pusta.
  15. guwer87


    Wow, you have heart? :mega_shok:
  16. Surely it will be afternoon.
  17. Im not mad, im just talking about facts.
  18. guwer87


    Haha.. OMG, if you wanna flirt just go out on weekend and find some cute girl.
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