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  1. You really cant read? He said that "Virtual Pc " works... what do u dont understand?
  2. guwer87

    Drawing Ideas!

    Hi there, can u draw Triple H from WWE?
  3. guwer87

    Pro #1 player

    Triple H is "King of the kings"!
  4. The IOS version was delayed because of some bugs in new version.
  5. Online accounts are not OUR property, all rights belongs to owners, to AIGRIND company, we just borrow some source code and are able to play, accounts dont belongs to players by meaning.
  6. Ok , you got me. Surely i will look for another seller and farm more and more, mr Azebu ;)
  7. This game needs players like u.. I like ur posts about teaming up! Thats cool :drinks: Its a pity ur from us server:(
  8. No... Blue.. We are from another servers, but i did like ur posts here on forum:( I will miss u, pls come here sometimes to write with us.. Wish u luck in real life, lovely girlfriend, good work and many friends :drinks:
  9. Sexy blonde , in my opinion :blush:
  10. Unfortunately not, maybe some day. Have fun!
  11. Everybody wants to be forsaken.
  12. Ofc, why not? i can be naked and have fun ;)
  13. Use the Ctrl key on the right corner .
  14. U cant transfer characters between profiles.
  15. But how can me name new set of weapons? Armageddon? :unknw:
  16. hahaha, girls will be always sexier than boys.. What the hell is this topic for :facepalm: :fool:
  17. Never been to Swamps :lol: :lol:
  18. guwer87

    like event?

    Skrillex rulleezzzz :clapping:
  19. :lol: :lol: im already eating, pls.. i dont wanna have my monitor whole in food :wacko:
  20. Cenobyte costume, please :give_rose:
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