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  1. No, they cant. Guilty one cant say he is guilty ;D
  2. U think so? It would ruin this game.. But.. in other hand.. they implement more and more items which need mc coins.. so.. ehh future doesnt exist :(
  3. ... I liked pvp cave, now it is empty...
  4. lol... new PEACEspear map hahaha O:-)
  5. \ U have any problem with justin bieber? :facepalm: I like listen to his new songs. Im glad that someone can handle that much afford to be just a good singer, without big problems like drugs or alcohol addiction.
  6. I recognize real friends when i dont have the best eq, i dont have much money, and they still pm me asking "How r you".
  7. I hate it to;) and i have the same situation, still on 19 lvl and dont want to lvl up:P i dont have time to go further. I spend time helping helping and helping:D
  8. Hello there, have a nice time, playing and posting on forum :drinks:
  9. guwer87

    War zone idea

    Yeah! Map with only pvp purpose! Im on it. I would klike to see it in game. Just pure war. Great battles!
  10. guwer87


    Very good ide. We should have opportunity to share items between our chars.
  11. Forum community needs new contests. Drawing contest should be one of them! Pls give us some fun!
  12. Wow great suggestion, i like it:) Bring the snow back!
  13. Also u can meet friends and talk with them for free. U can walk across world for free. U can go thru 1st island without paying anything. Theres alot thing u can do without paying. :tease: U ppl see only things which u must pay for :facepalm:
  14. guwer87

    A quest

    Good idea, but never will come true. :cray: Devs need money. S(n)Orry.
  15. guwer87


    Devs can only ban this player for scumming, but i dont think u will get your items back, because it is your faut u gave them :(
  16. Yeah, i met girl month ago, now she is my grlfriend and im playing rarely now.. :blush:
  17. Hello there , Tarcza here, always willing to help! Just pm if u want;) Cya soon (i think). I added you to friends.
  18. Not Patahatti! ANAKPANAH! Read carefuly next time;) Have a nice day. :drinks:
  19. Im only agreeing with sending messages. :clapping:
  20. Tocino doesnt reply. Prochixx is great player, marzanna always replies, hornig, is fine friend :friends: and ofc oniichan :blush:
  21. But like one of the devs said : So.. It cant be. Im sorry.
  22. Try to make mmo game for free, wish you luck ;)
  23. Very good post for lazy ppl who just wanna be rich in few seconds :facepalm:
  24. Hello there :drinks: Wish u many good drops, good friends, and have fun! :good:
  25. Yes , it is outdated, because there arent gears for forksakens and chosens. But still good site.
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