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  1. First of all im against using teleportation.! Next i wanna change nothing, because islands are fine, quests are good, and reward are like in all other games.
  2. Omg again you with these guns.. U wanna guns play cod, or arma, or cs, or.. just another game, leave our blades, axes, bows alone.. Next idea will be flying?
  3. Dragon too large, i think... maybe dragon baybe? ::)
  4. guwer87

    GM help me

    Last chance? U had "last chance". Bye scammer! :clapping:
  5. I heard that there is new version of IOS with number 6 ;D just joking :drinks: Dont worry, and change phone fast if u wanna play ws.
  6. play tetris with elves. :unknw:
  7. yslexe? i saw him/her many times in game.. i helped her many times.
  8. Siema siema horn ;) How r you? :dirol: where is ur forum section? ;D
  9. Only because of amp system? dont be silly:/ U relly need +1000 gears? ... ok.. ur choice
  10. guwer87

    Sound in Warspear

    Devs said that sound is temporaly turned off.
  11. And ofc our God of Emerald: Cross vel Fit :lol: :lol:
  12. Wow, girl started topic and girls replied :P Hello :drinks: Have fun playing game and posting on forum :friends:
  13. Very good idea, low lvls should have chance to farm on 1st island. This would motivate ppl to help, because helpers would get some gears too.
  14. How r the things in syria nowdays?
  15. guwer87

    War zone idea

    I wish there would be big fortresses with guards, and a flag in the middle.
  16. Looks much better and deals much higher dmg. I love my barby with 2h axy:)
  17. guwer87

    War zone idea

    Or "u must kill 10 enemies" or "get to enemy's castle get item and return" :)
  18. Exactly, i play for almost one year, and i didnt spend any coin on this game.
  19. I am his fan too.. i learn to dance like he. Gangnam styl ruuuuleeezz :diablo: !
  20. I got many "disfunctional" presents in my life. :lol: Dont worry, be happy ;)
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