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  1. There arent any dungeouns in this game, sorry :unknw:
  2. yes, Xmas should be easy and relly fun.. dont focus always on how to get more money..
  3. It will be always the same, just stop thinking about swamps and PLAY this game , HAVE FUN. :friends:
  4. I must say also that US have better community than EU (sorry guys), you guys know each other very well, posting much, what i like very much. I like to meet new ppl to chat and so on. im thinking of changing servers.. idk..
  5. On EU all lvl 13 eq cost about 3k ::)
  6. Very good idea, we should know what the boss "are made of".
  7. Oh yeah.. I imagine that and i like this view.
  8. Well... I need new porshe NOW! :D Sorry for off top i couldnt resist it.
  9. I think yes, i met with MrsKeisha and this is not char of preetypinay
  10. :good: My mother have iphone (i bought her this phone by myself :facepalm: ) at the begining i was jealous about her present, but with witch new update i hate her phone more and more, and im happy owner of android phone:)
  11. Its always easy to explain such things if u can play warspear, but they cant. Imagine how u would feel being in their place. :bomb:
  12. :good: We all should be friends and just make war just for fun..
  13. Everybody knows that EU is better... than RU ;D
  14. Of course its good, Have a nice time :drinks: Im not mad, i just.. have bad time nowdays.. to many things to describe.. too personal..
  15. So going by your thinking i must always write positive posts? And i must always agree with you? Yeah, right.
  16. Because we have the right to post our thoughts here on forum like u said in another post. ;)
  17. U need sun resistance, not shadow;) Wish u all luck :drinks:
  18. eee.. where is option "none"? Because i dont hate any class. I know only my own class which is barbarian and i like it. I was playing shaman too and i like it too.
  19. Im not saying that you devs should delete it but that u should not implement such ideas in future. Irsernolt still rullez for me.
  20. Yes, its not a problem, google translator can translate whole pages. But still this guide is outdated so be careful.
  21. Because yopu are writing ideas which were given many times, so it is boring to read the same thing again and again.
  22. I think that they should stop releasing IOS version because they lose "apple" players more and more.
  23. guwer87

    Sound in Warspear

    You are writing about INGAME VOLUME and Azebu is writing about youre PHONE VOLUME.
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