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  1. i can log in but other problem. I start tu move my char and when game logout.. Again and again
  2. market update perfect! Im bored to sell items in trade chat and it is just wasting time. Buying items will be easier as well. Simple but very good update. Thank you
  3. here is better suggestion. Just start to count and u will see that guards in elves caravan are less than in mc caravan. And dont need that bshit about shop. I think u are spending there time more than in war yourself :D
  4. hahaha. Its like horror movie without horror :mega_shok: Anyway was funny to read that bshit :lol: U are always funny with your friends. Thanks for that :rofl:
  5. im waiting for update. Just dont know what to choose. Mage or priest? Hard decision :D
  6. i hope that devs will upgrade bd, druids skills. Cause all ppl now are intresting about new factions. If u will compare new factions and old factions, new factions should be much stronger. So no point to play in old faction. I think devs thought about that..
  7. hmm.. Priest is so good! Nice to kick mc and dark asses and dont get any dmg :D anyway paladin + mage + priest = super deadly weapon. Coming good times when mc with their dark pets will run and cry like "a girls". Hahaha (angry laugh)
  8. nice. I will be mage mc and dark killer. Hahaha. Waiting to kick some loosers asses. 3 attack skills more dead loosers. Mage + paladin + priest = immortals killers. hahaha
  9. im sure that second island is the same to everyone. Thats why they writing about mc and elfs alies. And im thinking that trade, groups and chat will be possible for alies. Nonsense to think that they will make other second island. Then no point to talk about alies. Just think logically. Very simple.
  10. yes paladin cool. But im waiting for mage and priest. They should be cool as well. Hope next week will be mage ;)
  11. yes i agree. But i think will be possible extra healing from priest. So 1x aura of light + 1x heavenly light + priest healing skill. It should be like that. Triple healing for one person and double healing for others. Nice :)
  12. nice if it will work like that.. No chance to any enemy. Hope mage have any healing skill as well. Will be nice if all choosen healers..
  13. i think very soon we will see who will be dominant faction. And Im sure it will be choosen. Dont worry u will be in third place after elfs and mc the last one. Third place is better than last one. Hahahaha
  14. anyway paladin tank and can heal himself and friends. So bigger group more dk bones on the ground ;)
  15. yeah be ready to spend huge money. All pockets will be empty. Hahahaha (sad laugh)
  16. nice paladin vs dk = dk will loose. So 1 - 0 choosen win. How I said choosen and elfs will rule all second island and lab. Mc and dark loosers can hunt bosses in first islands and colect spheres for all boring life. Very soon we will read ocean of loosers complains that choosen OP. Hahahaha
  17. i think mc and dk will live just in their first islands. And elfs with choosen will rule all second island with lab. Hahahahaha
  18. woooooohoooo we will kick mc and dead loosers asses 100 times a day. Will be nice ;)
  19. Yeah its true. New update more money for them. U will see mc item prices will be the same or even bigger.. New costumes, new items and we will pay and pay without break :facepalm: :fool:
  20. Omg dead it means no women who will want u, cause your buddy is dead as well :lol: :rofl:
  21. its true. To sell your souls to the undead are saying what side will be dark. It will be the same like some loosers betrayed elfs and joined mc. But Im sure that we will burn them on a bonfire together with their friends - disgusting stinky undeads...
  22. hmm.. Nice update! At last mc will get one more enemy. So hopefully after update elfs and chosen will rule all game world. I was waiting it so long..
  23. im quit. But i started to play pc game aion. Much better graphic and everything is muuuchhhh better. Very good thing that u can play it for free (in private server). So to spend money for 2d game warspear realy not worth...
  24. thank u for understanding. U are all nice as well ;)
  25. many sorrys guys it was mistake to made drama in your clan book. I acted like a noob and i admit. Just dont take it seriously.. Btw shy u can lough but i said a truth about u. And thats why u are more funny in my eyes :D no more any comments.. SORRY guys one more time..
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