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  1. I understand, cause you are not there, you can say its my mistake because i want to help a stranger, but thats why i took this pictures. I dont really think its hard to check chatlogs of one player. Its my nature to help people, its up to them if they will abuse me and im not good at arguements so i will just wait and see if he will get punished for scamming me or my report is ignored because im not careful enough. I never shared my account, i let him borrowed my rings, not give. And by time im taking it back, he refuse to return it.
  2. Its the point of providing screenshots and they just need to review chat logs to prove or disapprove me if they think like snorlax, i dont really trust him thats why i took screenshots, and im expecting him to be punished, otherwise i will not give a damn to take screens of every trade i make like old players suggest.
  3. mga bias mga nagrereply sa tread na ginawa ko sa support, maliban nalang ata kay tannex na niprangka si snorlax, why money makes the world go round ..
  4. I feel bad for you spilz because youve been good to me, at the same time im happy because this clan is poisoned now, you are too good but not too rich to be here i guess.
  5. I dont need other's bias comments here, i have rights to report because im the victim here, now if you are saying im wrong that i entrusted my rings to a total stranger even though i take precautions so i took screenshots of the trade and conversation and you cant punish sonofman, cheers to scammers :) Ofcourse im expectig him to be banned and i expect support to review chat logs to prove or disappove me, unless its not their jobs here?
  6. Nakakadismaya, iniscam ni Sillyputty yung dalawang ring ko, di ko tuloy magamit ngayon si shutdown, nagreport na ako at nagprovide ng screenshot, tapos ang reply sakin ni snorlax, ”well played, well played.” nakakadismaya :(
  7. I really care about those rings because i have no spare to use, and im aware that scammed items cannot be returned by Mods, so now im just hoping for some justice that will teach scammers their lesson. I thought proofs will help me, unfortunately its like im being reversed. :)
  8. I also took those screenshots because i was scammed thrice before, im surprise that i will receive a comment like that from a mod just because im careful in handling my items, sir snorlaxx. I already opened a ticket in the real support, goodluck to me i guess :)
  9. i did took screen because i know he is sonofman and according to my friends in sapphire, he is well hated, i entrusted my rings because i saw him with my "friends" in wog :facepalm: well played eh? nice comment ;)
  10. yes, sonofman of US-Sapphire :facepalm:
  11. follow-up in that picture ;) first reply in your thread is dont let noobs join in this nice clan, is it really a nice clan?
  12. I got scammed by Sillyputty, Firstborn Faction of EU-Emerald Server. I provided the screenshots that will prove he scammed my x2 [Qualitative signet-ring] .. :facepalm:
  13. I told you so, knox .. XD
  14. think about it, why will devs update the game that will favor you.
  15. epic pa mang trashtalk, level 10 to 14 lang sobrang yabang na .. Kawawa yung mga low level na mababait, ayaw man lang tulungan.. mga naka +10 nga wala naman silbi.. wew
  16. napakayabang ng mga tao sa sapphire, pilipino pa man din, tapos ganun .. nakakahiya :facepalm:
  17. eeew knox, its good that you love your enemies but male to male.. gross :P wheres the video you are saying
  18. I vote YES for Chrystall too :friends: - Calmdown
  19. The only truth is im always in illhor to buy goods and sell in irselnort, its a strategy, everyone wants to buy mc items for cheap price, unless you think you are so clean. The rest, post your screenshots i talk shit while you are off, that i called you gayrox and do on. - You remind me Latty, what a concidence that she knows exactly what you know, the writings, the swearings, the accusations .. What a coincidence :D
  20. To: Jayrox/Latty Thanks for showing your screenshot, proving im only doing buy and sell, and ask your frappix to post here, maybe one of your accomplice. I only have two suppliers in game, one who is an engineer now, more than 30yrs old and one that i know is Lulux too, who is the kid you are saying? The rest is all your lies, dont say latty is not you, remember what diiadora said, not only me said that you are latty. Im not the one starting fight in trade chat, all knows that whenever i show my items for sale, you will appear saying scam etc etc ... Youre just making things worse like yourself, scam is where you get something from a player and dont give back something in return according to the deal, buy and sell strategy is no scam, please use your brain, not just an empty head. Ive seen justice once even if though you are a loyal mcoin buyer, goodluck with your lies and envy jayrox/latty.
  21. aw, di ko alam yan ah, ako tempo banned lang 3 days pero nawala agad pagkasend ko ng ticket sa support, nagrespond less than 6 hours, di ko natry maglogin sa pc nun, magsesend nmn sila sa email mo kung tlgng my ginawa ka :] sa mga makakabasa, kung may makita kayong old enchant item, bilhin nyo, 10k budget sa mga equipments, 30k nmn sa mga weapons, para sa clan natin.
  22. wow naghuhunt sila sa eye :mega_shok: kami simpleng cc quest ang activities XD
  23. epic war !!! waiting mode hahaha ..
  24. I did that sir smurf, but i dont know if it will work, thanks anyway. Im already banned ;)
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