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  1. so i thought of making a ranger asvell and i vas vonderign hov vell u blessed rangers do at those leveles,and i mean if u hunt lover level mcs and forsaken in second map hov is it going for ya?farming gold,doing dungeons,doing boss quests? i vant to knov if its easy or not and give me details please  ;D Thank you.

  2. Healing barrier 4/4 heals 1500 block 1500 it's usefull in arena bcs it can save u.

    but so long cooldown only makes u die faster in pvp since u can not do a lot dmg without pt mates.

    very usefull against' rogues: give u time to react then get them with roots and bees.


    But i have some regrets about it, think it's better to 4/4 song usefull for dg and arena, low cooldown and long stun.

    And i wonder how much is invigorating stream healing bcs the reload is i think 4 time faster, it can heal even if nobody attacks (no barrier wasted by ennemies attacking only your team mates during the duration), and no need click on people to use stream.


    If stream heals 400+ at lvl one i might waste 40k to remove barrier to get it and put song 4/4. When i will have enough HP and def to do so. (since the more u lvl up and have good stuff the less barrier is usefull).


    Anyway i think best skill build for druid is:


    -song (go 4/4)

    -then depends on u. I will take water ball bcs druid need dmg and it also can add a little more stun. i just think one shouldn't take barrier or roots if he can't put points in them.


    good luck with your builds.


    And if anyone knows more about invigorating stream mechanisms, heal amount and lvl up pls pls tell me!

    Thanks alot,the information vas incredibly helfull,hope u get the info u need asvell :D

  3. neat sooo vhat is the potential of cooldovn build(vas thinking about that one for priest)cuz im interested in hov far u can come vith it and hov good harads tears are noone told me about this tbh :/ thank you.

  4. LOL,i vould tell u but i dont realy have any official characters at the moment :/


    i still didnt decide for a class,but i do have a rogue level 6 ready to be leveled up and is currently my main...for nov


    unless i decide for a druid or shaman(buttttt i dotn like shaman from the very beginning (dotn liek the skills very much tbh))

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