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  1. I'm a little late but I completely agree with you slr I personally play DK but I kill all rouges so easy by far the weakest class in game. But it's kinda your fault everyone knows you bought that rouge and you bought it when everyone knew rouges were trash
  2. Please look into this our guild has put in a lot of time and effort into this season. And have been playing by the rules. Due to his ability to multilog on one device he passed my hunter in lvl 6 3s when I had a 10k point lead he covered it in one day. Thank you.
  3. Wow if this costume was in game id buy for every single one of my characters would probably drop like 15k mcoins Wow just wow!
  4. Yea it's cool but y'all really should fix the back of the costume
  5. Y'all sleeping on new classes when metallica lvl 28 easily top 10 player in US server
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