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    Mountain Clan and Forsakens ofc If you're going to PvP Healer pick the Shaman If you're going to full support pick the Necromancer. If you're going to Damage Dealer pick Warlock (this one is OP like rangers) or Rogue (melee). If you like tankers pick Death Knight When you go make your new char,please look the skills descritpions,you can check Class Discussion for Skill Builds and tips. If you need help,PM my chars in game -US.Sapphire- Ashuro Yagyu Exodyus
  2. Any topic goes to the same shit blablabla...warlocks are OP...blablabla...my +10 bow with blessing couldnt kill that warlock....blablabla...I hate shamans and warlocks...blablabla...fack prices elves...blablabla..."wow I did 3k dmg in sec"...blablabla...nerf warlocks...blablabla...paladins sucks...blablabla... :facepalm: All I see is Rangers crying cuz they're now have a hard class to deal with. Still ppl dont figure what they have,nothing is good to them,only if they still on top. Like getting "easy" items from Norlant. Warlocks will be the most hated class like Rangers WAS. ppl only saying Circle opopopopopopopop but then comes a Ranger press blessing and drop dead with only 3 shots that warlock with incredible 2.5k hp and unbelieveble 2k def and fell like pro skilled.
  3. duck this I was watching this movie right now when I saw this meme,it was the scene of the horse running after the protagonist on the ship
  4. This game has no support for minions :facepalm: First of all its needed high level cap for that,like 40 or 50. Guild shitty skills are totally OP shit. C'mon people still complaining about Rogue Stealth,and you guys gives it to everyone? Ivulnerability? Ivulnerability = you can walk wherever you want. ivulnerability minion pots life scroll :facepalm: Give 2 hours for minions cooldown. And 1k GP for guild skills. Warspear has taken away the meaning of the name "Guild"...
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    Why do 80% of newcomers join elves :facepalm: Hope you get bored of those pointy eared and join us Mountain Clans and Forsakens. Yes elves are overpopulated,when you go to a war,yet you'll saw it. Welcome to Warspear Online. :give_rose:
  6. There's too many lazy ass in this forum,so I did this short story.But you're right,maybe I'll add something...and WOW this story is really cool at all
  7. "A Note From Kevin" -Report search- Day 20 After 20 days of interrogations and searches, I found this note soiled with blood and a bit blurry on a corpse in the battlefield, many parcially decomposed bodies. "After my successful mission, even as a soldier trained to kill my enemies without remorse, but still thought that a little coward. I was an undercover ally, to attack quickly and without drawing attention of other soldiers,I attacked at night while everyone slept - was a success stealthy. Years after I started being attacked by stupid Forsakens Warriors and Sorceres, strangely many were crying for vengeance - many with strangely familiar faces. Many dying by his own thirst for revenge, others already hurt me badly. I've been worrying too much about these attacks on my stay on this damn cursed Forsaken island. I sent some soldiers to acquire information such attacks or future attacks. Informed me that one of the three local Sirens are revealing them his past life...wait,so that's how those Forsakens Born;by the dark rituals from Necromancers awakening them from their tombs...and these damn Sirens...urgh(this explains why the sudden attacks of these soulless). I was informed that I will briefly attacked by another Forsaken troop... BLOODY SIREN! I fear for my life, I am already old but if that is the wish of Harad, so be it. I need to prepare for combat ... " - The rest is unreadable soiled with blood. By the type of armor they wear, should be the lost troop of Sir.Kevin. My search is done, I will now return Langasard.
  8. It will only work if you're fighting against one opponent.
  9. No analysis? People see what they want to see Ya,this pissing me off :crazy:
  10. Instead of non sense complain Get a brain Play as Warlock
  11. All I have to say NOOB Here's a detailed technical information about YOUR so beloved complained skill(s) Dark Circle duration at lv 5: 5 seconds,so ♥♥♥♥♥,staff users has one of the lowest attack speed : 3.1 there's no staff user with 10% dextery (attack speed) it means that you can only do 2 attacks or 3 if you use Life Exhaust (slow motion skill) : Normal,Arrow,Life Exhaust Fear duration at lv 5: 4 seconds knowing that Warlock is a staff user,tell me ♥♥♥♥♥ you're good with matchs? Again,you can do 2 attacks. Normal,Arrow Knowing that the Sentinel players are basically Firstborns (which has 5% Dark defense by born) and any Lab item gives Dark defense (even if you didnt has Dark enchant on it) you can have a base 13% Dark defense. Possibles solutions for people who dislikes Warlocks: - Be a Legioner. - Be a Warlock. - Be a Ranger with base damage 300 and max Blessing. - Be a Ranger with base damage 300,max Blessing and use full Dark defense set. - Be a Druid,max Ligthning,Heal,Root get 250 Moon magic and 200 base heal. - Be a Druid,max Ligthning,Heal,Root get 250 Moon magic and 200 base heal and use full Dark defense set. - Stop playing Warspear. - Broke your Device. - Kill yourself.
  12. Learning from one :lol:
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    What's the problem? Have you ever played as Mountain Clan or Forsaken? Mc island is way harder than fb island Forsaken island is much harder than chosen island. You shit chosens want easy life like elves ever has. In forsaken you usualy WASTE 10 minutes to gain 2xp Its ridiculous takes one day to reach level 6 :crazy:
  14. I'm lying? Ask to anyone that have a warlock.
  15. Looks like you never played as a Warlock :facepalm: Dark Circle DOESNT WORK AT MIDDLE ONLY IF THE TARGED WALK ON IT Ps: stop getting killed by low levels :lol:
  16. Mage : Fireball,Teleport,Stone Shatters Warlock : Arrow of Darkness,Life Exhaust,Puddle of Darkness...
  17. Warlocks can be a hard time IF HE/SHE MANAGES TO CIRCLE twice,but If misses circles.... Earthquake isnt a stun,it paralizes the enemy and do damage (note that all classes has 2 damage skills,Warlocks and Mages has 3 only Rogues and Ranger has only 1.
  18. :facepalm: OMG :facepalm: Stop b i t c h i n g around Fetters,Root,Trap,Harmstring,Chains all are DISABLE SKILLS IT MEANS THAT YOU CAN'T USE SKILLS OR POTIONS :crazy: Nightmare and Gouge those effects WILL STOP IF THE TARGED GET ATTACKED , so stop complaint shit that you can't prove lmao If you can't manage to kill a Rogue,Necro( :facepalm: ),Shaman,Warlock it means that you don't know how to play this shit. If you want to be "Pro" then make a Ranger max blessing,strong shot then put 3 scatter shot 3 trap and amp him to +7 and its done you can kill any shit that you want
  19. I really dont see the point of YOU posting all this shit.YOU'RE the one that keep posting your arena winnings about "weaksauce" warlocks,shamans and etc... I still can't understand YOUR problem with Warlocks,as you say,you have +9 and +10 so just press BLESSING and targed that Warlock and see the UNBALANCE happens. For a Warlock do a "perfect" kill he/she have to NEVER MISS Dark Circle and use Fear at the right time and he/she have to do this more than 2 times to kill his/her targed. For Pro Complainers about Warlocks: Dark Circle duration at lv 5: 5 seconds Fear duration at lv 5: 4 seconds (ya they nerfed) and if you luck you can attack 4 times without break it. For ♥♥♥♥♥es who complain about Rangers: Scatter Shot is a disable skill that makes the targed runs randomly (no shit wall will break it) Trap 10 sec cooldown and you can put multiple traps. - Warlocks can kill someone in 3 seconds? - Think about Blessing before complain about Dark Circle.
  20. After the symbol " = " you have to put the size of font that you want Example for a font size 30: [ size = 30pt ] size 30[ /size ] remove the spaces ofc size 30
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    There's nothing wrong here,it's just a small bug in....duck RUUUUUUNNNNNNN RUUNNNNN ♥♥♥♥♥ES SAVE YOUR LIIIFEEEE
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    JUST CALM DOWN,OK? Just stick together...wait someone has seen Jhonny?
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