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  1. pvp / pve or mixed pv or mixed Is it bad, my proposal of slot to store pvp or pve, and change between them and spend with books, are very expensive no one has money to be changing all the time, forcing players to only stay in a game mode pvp or pve, a idea is to make a space to store your pvp and always change you want to make the players enjoy both sides of the game, leaving the game less repetitive.
  2. Hello, I'm here to share an idea that has suggested to me a long time, I have only one account (Hunter) and I have the pvp and pve equipment, but there is a problem that are the skills, the points distributed in pvp skills are completely different, I come by means of this post suggest a second slot to alternate between the skill, my idea is to make a second slot that could be bought with Miraculous Coins to store their ability upadas for pvp and another slot for pve giving when playing the possibility of hitching always, the cost with book leads to many players staying only in one game mode on
  3. Hi, I want to report a combination of multiple ips connected. NICK: Kilershock
  4. Hello I was going to Arena and I ended up buying a union potion with the propagating of item that suggested on my screen melts (polluting and forcing to buy by mistake) and ended up wasting miraculous coins that was saved for an unlinking of item, I want to return the pot and have my miraculous coins returned. From: Jackdaw Segue uma Print
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    Ola, fiquei decepcionado com a noticia que nao a veria mais evento, pois o proximo evento vai demorar muito a chegar, esse era o evento pra animar.
  6. quando começa o evento de aniversario do warspear?
  7. ola, tenho mto uma duvida e nimguem no jogo soube me responder, queria saber sobre a ferocidade, a % de dano que ela faz defesa ou resiliência protege ? Outra pergunta, exemplo: Tenho 40% ao total de ferocidade distribuídas entre as duas axes, e minhas axes e mais os equipamentos soma um total de 600 de dano, esses 40% da ferocidade é 40% do meu total de dano (600) ou os 40% é apenas das axes ?
  8. Comprei moedas milagrosas dentro da promoção que teve esse fi al de semana, paguei via boleto sábado as 10:20, as moedas so chegaram agora e não veio com l bonus da promoção, gostaria de recebe-lo ja que eu paguei o boleto estava dentro da promoção.
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