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  1. Well wardens skill not drain mana when block? Well there is not balance im very bad for this changes. Warden can kill all ppl solo and dk got big nerf for saturation but with this skill still cant do nothing i mean warden vs deathknight. Warden all time got stone skin and i atk him 0 max 100 and he got heal 1100hp this is balance? I atack him 0-100 and this skill saturation heal me not too much and i lose hp 10% for use and secret reserves cooldown 2min seriously?
  2. Yalaharian

    Cost Dmg buff

    hello. how many gp, usigns and gold cost each upgrade of dmg buff at 7lvl guild? bcuse i have now 6 lvl but i need to know how many gp need. 7lvl cost 12mln gp, 1,4mln gold and 450 usigns.
  3. haha 😛 but stonr skin on barb its crazy why from block only like one guy said in this topic. 2h barb cant have stone skin>? change it from parry and its ok
  4. new type of armours? maybe heavy armors for paladin, dk and charmer new sets :] I mean set for 2h weapons without block or with block head: parry, critical, hp and def; armour: magic dmg, dodge and hp and def; gloves: crit, magic hp, def; and boots: parry, crit, hp and def; bonus for full set: hp and parry 🙂 because people dont using magic skills on dk or damage from magic skills from dk is very low.. nobody doing magic deathknights and charmer have low magic with 1h weapon but wih staff is that same problem bcuse heavy armours not give magic dmg and charmer is usseless in dg. Problem istoo on elf side.. everybody doing only wardens i mean 5 paladin and 95 warden bcuse is much easy to play warden. what u can say about this idea xd ps. sorry for my english is not so good 😄
  5. hello everybody 😄 this forum is dead bcuse all players waiting for news about t5 and lvls?😜
  6. Hello everybody. I thinking at least about new classes like deathknight, charmer and paladin. They have many magic skills and they are something new in this game but everybody still wants psychical accesories and weapons on this classes. This game need some change for this classes bcuse barbarian have only 1 melee and he have skills for urself, second warden and bladedancer. On deathknight paladin and charmer we have magic skills but on dk and paladin people dont using it i mean Deathknight buse paladin yes but people if aigring added warden they not playing more on paladins and we have 95%vwardens and maybe 5% paladins and this class death. Next problem Deatknights with only melee damage and magic only on mace. Charmers ppl dont want him on dg bcuse is weak healer and they want shaman and necromancer -.-. Well so to the point Its to do some changes or add new special heavy armorurs for magic tanks and charmer and its time to unlock 2h magic weapons for charmer like 2h mace and spears but not melee bcuse charmer can be so strong i mean this magic 2h maces like from horror event etc bcuse paladin can use and deathknight can use too. Well new armours > helmet bonuses: hp, crit and parry; armour: hp, dodge and magic dmg or hp, block, magic dmg; gloves accu or crit, magic dmg, hp; boots: parry crit and hp. It is only my sugestion about new armours for magic tanks can be other, What u think about it? sorry for my english im using translator :D
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