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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Khrone in O que o dk(cavaleiro da morte se tornou?)   
    Como falei, se vc não aguenta 1 combo do bd - problema seu, fizesse build decente. Agora, DK realmente precisaria de levar buff, para uma classe tank está bem papel
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Khrone in ideia de melhoria para o mapa Irselnort para a proxima atualização   
    essa escada é icónica 😞 
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    triggeredAF reacted to hugomedeiroswg in Guild Information   
    Hello players.
    I come here to suggest that in the "Inspect the player" tab, also show information such as the name of the guild in which the player is a member. I know it is a simple and useful thing. I invite colleagues to also suggest improvements in this regard.
    An example in the following image:

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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Ahmedic in Timing system   
    That would be very good. No idea why they didn't add this already... such a basic feature...
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    triggeredAF reacted to XzzzX in Игра и ОС   
    На андроид есть достаточно популярная фишка - открытие статус-бара(шторки) свайпом от верхнего края экрана. Однако при таком жесте персонаж начинает движение, что не очень удобно. Если это возможно, то было бы неплохо, что бы данный жест игнорировался игрой 
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    triggeredAF reacted to LittleGod in Рефералка и код партнёра   
    Абуз? Абуз.. Да.. Абуз!
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    triggeredAF reacted to Gabriel Goes in Bloqueio de itens na Mochila   
    Tenho certeza que algo assim já ocorreu com alguns de vocês, estar tão apressado para usar um item na bag que ao abrir ela se erra o click e usa o primeiro item da mesma, muitas vezes sendo um item de uso rapido e importante como reparos ou livros de esquecimento, e isso sem duvida é bem frustrante. Então venho aqui compartilhar minhas sugestões para esse problema bem inconveniente. 
    Bloquear o uso de itens especificos na bag

    A possibilidade de travar itens para que não possam ser usados sem desbloquea-los ou uma segunda confirmação. 
    Outra opção seria destinar a primeira linha toda da bag a itens bloqueados, só podendo usa-los ao mover eles de linha. Essa seria uma solução bem mais trabalhosa mas traria uma mudança interesante, que seria o deslocamento de itens entre os slots na mochila.
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    triggeredAF reacted to Vinagre in Creation of a new section GvGs   
    We all know that the game have evolved lots on the last years and i don't think the current sections can hold all the information's that need to be discussed.
    I suggest to create a new section at the forum to discuss the Guild vs Guilds events.

    Why? i know they involve pvp, but they still involve lots of pve aspects and strategy's to be discusses that are not the same as used at arenas or wars.

    So how can we discuss a GVG event at the ''PvP and Arena'' section when its not really a Pvp battle its more a Guild team battle that includes strategy, pvp and pve.
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    triggeredAF reacted to sea rpg in Предложение от игроков сервера sea-pearl   
    Уважаемые разработчики онлайн-игр Warspear, я ваш верный игрок. Я из Китая и играю в эту игру уже 4 года. Это очень хорошая игра. В нашей стране нет такой хорошей игры. Но мой сервер морской жемчужины грозит смерть. Китайские игроки один за другим покинули игру. Мои друзья и я оказались в ловушке на этом сервере. Мы не можем быть с игроками из других стран из-за языковых проблем. Если в этой игре нет друзей, я просто потеряли удовольствие от игры. Я искренне надеюсь, что разработчики смогут предоставить услуги по передаче ролей за определенную плату. Я хочу перейти на сервер ЕС или США, чтобы найти своих китайских друзей. В то же время миграция ролей также может позволить друзей из своих стран, чтобы они собирались и играли вместе. Я считаю, что у многих игроков есть такая идея,  Возможно, вы позволите нам воссоздать новые роли на этих серверах, но вы не знаете, что мне потребовалось 4 года, чтобы практиковать все мастерство до полного уровня. Вы позволили мне отказаться от роли, которую я культивировал в течение 4 лет, что эквивалентно позволить мне отказаться от себя, как и ваш ребенок.
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    triggeredAF reacted to Khrone in Healing Totem: opinions and suggestions.   
    There is a old mechanic on the game, it's so useful that literally every player uses it!!
    So if it's not about a nerf, what is the sense of this post and what are you suggesting?
    You made it to complain about Healing Totem but you want it to stay the same?
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Dekion in Dmd arena com char da aliança rival e deixá-lo afk é anti-jogo   
    Se vc considera que a opinião dos jogadores que deixaram 1 star no play store por motivo deste tipo é uma métrica boa para avaliar o progresso/situação atual do jogo então sinto muito. Até porque a grande maioria das reviews são positivas.
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    triggeredAF reacted to Beowullf in Healing Totem: opinions and suggestions.   
    Do you really want to compare? A paladin +10 takes 600 with difficulty, a chief takes 600 easily and it doesn't even have to be +10, being +10 he gets 800 or more.
    And of course we’ll have to say that a paladin doesn’t even have half the damage of a chieftain.
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    triggeredAF reacted to Beowullf in Healing Totem: opinions and suggestions.   
    But the question remains: why didn't you criticize him before? because when he was doing this you just sat and applauded until you defended him, but now you are using to attack him, it’s just hypocrisy. "As long as he's fighting for me, that's fine, then we'll use that against him, even if it brought us advantages." But this has nothing to do with the topic, the love disagreements that you have with Valhala are better to open another topic for you to stay there.
  14. Confused
    triggeredAF got a reaction from Speedom in Some suggestions/fixes developers NEED to concern about!   
    What exactly you think should be nerfed?
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    triggeredAF reacted to Khrone in Healing Totem: opinions and suggestions.   
    Idk how Pala works  it's not impossible tho, just really hard
    However, using one-handed maces, it's easy to get balanced types of damage
    And it has nothing to do with the topic
  16. Haha
    triggeredAF got a reaction from Khrone in Healing Totem: opinions and suggestions.   
    Try to play with that build and let us know how it goes 
    Edit: pala should be nerfed imho but I am not sure if the build you sent is actually useful 
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Vinagre in Healing Totem: opinions and suggestions.   
    From the videos that he posted the only thing you could see is that mcs stayed together and that's what won them the gvg?😂Yeah, maybe the elves didn't have the best communication but you can clearly see that even though they tried to focus the same enemies (in the lower part of the map) and they couldn't kill anyone because of the healing.
  18. Haha
    triggeredAF reacted to Vinagre in Healing Totem: opinions and suggestions.   
    maybe they are in a level that  we cannot understand  haha
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Vinagre in Healing Totem: opinions and suggestions.   
    lmao they are literally just spamming aoe skills. tf does it have to do with organization?
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    triggeredAF reacted to XPEH-3HAET-KTO in Беспощадный рандом (ЕСТЬ ДОПОЛНЕНИЯ)   
    Не читал комментарии по этому возможно повторюсь Ник указывать не стану люди с Амбера поймут о ком речь. 6 книг получил персонаж за этот ивент  с инста и одну с рб. Как то я уже писал что значимый дроп падает одним и тем же а остальным падает мусор или вообще ничего-годами. При чем хочу заметить что финансовая составляющая тут не при чем. Чел не потратив никопейки на игру снял 6 книг за этот ивент который к тому же еще не окончен. Костюмы падают твинам за 25 максимум заходов с низкоуровневых инстов хотя разработчики заявляют что чем выше лвл инста тем выше шанс-выходит врут. Я не оскорбляю разработчиков не в коем случае я лишь излагаю факты и они идут в разрез с тем что говорят нам админы. Конкретно за себя могу сказать следующее после первых СТА заходов в начале недели я снял заготовку на копье и море синих ресурсов и к концу недели по итогу у меня 160 заходов так как желания собирать мусор у меня нет но по факту-160 заходов= 2е синие заготовки на копье 28 и посох 30. Про костюмы я просто молчу. Акк с 14 года и костюмов я снял НОЛЬ за все время игры. Шанс у всех разный либо существует какая то система которая не является загадкой для тех кто не тратя финансов на игру снимает по 6 книг за половину ивента при чем не просто книг а супер книг -2скорости 2 авты 1 кд и закалка вроди с рб. Это несомненно не рандом вернее не тот рандом каким мы его знаем. Еще были случаи когда люди снимали книги за 1 и за 2 захода. Интересно что чувствуют люди сьделавшие 1000-2000 заходов не получив ничего в то время как кто то с 1ой бесплатки тянет книгу. Систему надо менять однозначно и делать всем одинаковый шанс по тому что в данный момент шанс у всех разный и дроп тянут те же люди которые его тянули прошлый ивент и если бы это были лютые донатеры я бы понял но там люди играют без доната вообще.
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    triggeredAF reacted to rafa9876 in Patch History for Skills   
    As the game gets updated with more and more skills these patches will get more common and it will be harder to find the latest patch for a certain skill.
    While I would love to have a proper list for every single skill that would be a bit too much work.
    Therefore I just tried to find every single skill change or addition since the update that introduced expert skills and, after looking through the changes, attempted to point out the most notable ones. Keep in mind that this is mostly my opinion making it biased (I play mage on elf side).

    Also somehow I couldn't find the 9th expert skill addition so if someone could point it out for me that would be nice (or if I missed any important skill balance updates)
    And if you think a certain update requires a special comment then you can say so too.
    Thank you

    11th March 2021 - You get some crit dmg and you get some crit dmg
    (All classes / General Skill Changes and Reworks, Aggro Skills Buffed)
    Notable Skill Changes : Charmer Demonic Pact+, Summoner Skill+, Otherworldly Blessing+ Shaman Tribe’s Ritual+, Fire Totem+, Energy Shield+ Druid Secret Link+
    Link (Spring Event Preview)
    18th December 2020 - Special service
    (Chieftain & Templar ONLY / Adding new Experts, changes to existing skills)
    Skill Additions : Templar Power of the Heaven, Particle of Life, Branded by the Sun, Onslaught  Chieftain Bestial Wrath, Frenzy, Support of the Pack, Spiritual Purification
    Link (Snow Event Preview)
    24th September 2020 - DODGE DODGE DODGE
    (Rogue, Mage and Warden ONLY / Changes to accuracy reduction skills)
    Link (New Heroes Release)
    20th August 2020 - Eye see what you did there
    (All classes / General Skill Changes, Bow and Crossbow nerf)
    Notable Skill Changes : Mage Ethereal Barrier+, Overload+, Dragon Eye- 
    Paladin Harad’s Banner-, Inner Force+ Priest Exhausting Burden* 
    Bladedancer Counterattack* Warden Shield Throw+, Fortification-*, Block Master--
    Barbarian Last Wish+
    Link (Skill Rebalance Release)
    23th May 2020 - Finally a Skeleton Army
    (All classes / New Expert Skills (8 Total) and Mermen Gear Skills)
    Link (Mermen Trials Preview)
    16th December 2019 - Warden Nerf III
    (Warden, Priest and Necro)
    Warden Block Master- Priest/Necro Revive skill small changes
    Link (Snow Event Preview)
    12th December 2019 - Warden Nerf II
    (All classes / General Skill Changes, increase of base hitpoints)
    Notable Skill Changes : Warlock Power of relaxation+
    Necromancer Ancient Seal & Bone Shield+(Removed health cost) Warden Block Master--
    Paladin Harad’s Call-, Sacred Shield+ Mage Dragon Eye-
    Link (Skill Rebalance Preview before Snow Event)
    7th September 2018 - Warden Nerf I
    (All classes / New Expert Skills (7 Total, Improved and reworked skills)
    Notable Skill Changes, All main damage skills cooldown +2 for non-dps classes (+1 for bd)
    Warden Block Master- Rogue Extermination Deathknight Secret Reserves
    Link (Hidden Power Preview)
    21th August 2017 - Forti too stronk
    (All old classes skill changes + New experts for Seeker, Warden, Hunter, Charmer)
    29th May 2017 - New heroes (Seeker, Warden, Hunter, Charmer)
    13th September 2016 - New experts (6 Total)
    +20th September 2016 - Skill Changes and Addition of Relics
    30th November 2015 - New experts (5 Total) + Skill changes
    (All classes, AoE skills officially get a limit on player targets + Other changes)
    Link (Part 2)
    30th March 2015 - Skill Changes
    (Certain skills do not require items anymore, All shield skills buffed + Other changes)
    3rd October 2014 - New experts (4 Total), Map 1 Dungeons (Epic)
    26th August 2014 - Skill changes, Tlaskoe Addition, Level cap > 24
    Notable Skill Changes : Paladin Harad’s Banner (damage is split) 
    Warlock Dark Circle (Limited amount of affected players)
    23th July 2014 - New experts (3 total) Nadir Dungeon
    25th June 2014 - New experts (2 Total) Ayvondil Release, Town 1 only, Level cap > 22
    11th March 2014 - Addition of expert skills (1 total)
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    triggeredAF reacted to Zeusthegod in Fiz um gráfico animado de qual classe foi mais discutida no forum internacional.   
    Meus personagens são:
    Caco - RU Amber
    Zeusthedog - BR (Legião)
    Gplaysapk - BR (Sentinelas)
    Eu pedi por email à Aigrind, gráficos desse evento de Primavera (se for diário,melhor ainda). 
    Quero fazer mais com outros gráficos interessantes sobre o jogo.
    Se puder ajudar intervindo, agradeço.
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from illumi in Leadership transfer   
    Totally. But they should make it like 2-3 months and not 2 weeks as before.
  24. Thanks
    triggeredAF got a reaction from Filipe Ramon in Fiz um gráfico animado de qual classe foi mais discutida no forum internacional.   
    Interessante. Como coletou os dados?🤔
  25. Thanks
    triggeredAF got a reaction from Zeusthegod in Fiz um gráfico animado de qual classe foi mais discutida no forum internacional.   
    Deve ter dado muito trabalho, gz😍 
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