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    triggeredAF reacted to Nowme in Дефолтные -5%   
    Предлагаю на равне с дефолтными 5% крита, 5% устоя и т.д., сделать -5% к точности.
    Таким образом, уклон как стат хоть как-то сможет проявить себя на разных классах, а не только на рогах и иногда, может быть реях и хантах.
    К примеру в палках я вообще не вижу нормальных рун, сплошное разочарование.
    Если брать пве, то всем мобам и боссам тоже скинуть точность.
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    triggeredAF reacted to vavavi in A bug with charmers "call"   
    Screen_Recording_20210824-055504_Warspear Online_1.mp4 There appears to be a bug with charmers "call" skill, which for some reason causes it to ignore resilience and lower pvp crit damage completely. In the clip above, you can see this in action. A dog spawned by this skill, hitting me 1k, suddenly starting to crit 2k+, despite having 50% resilience and pvp crit multiplier being lowered by default. I understand resilience is supposed to work on damage from other players, not npcs, but since charmers spawns damage is based on the users damage, surely this should apply to them also? As it is right now this skill completely ignores resilience, and the lower pvp crit multiplier existing.
    This causes multiple issues, since ignoring the main pvp stat the whole games arena system is based around, is kind of a big deal.

    For example, combined with this relic, you can spawn multiples of these resilience ignoring spawns.
    Is this an oversight? Since their damage is based on the players personal damage, surely pvp crit restrictions should apply. And surely they shouldn't completely ignore resilience, the main defensive pvp stat of the game.
    The issues abusing this, what im assuming is a bug causes, are insane. One charmer can spawn 5-6 of these mobs, that do aoe dmg(which also ignores resilience and pvp crit multiplier), being able to practically one shot any player, and anyone near them, even with maxed out award sets, by simply clicking one button. 
    Just to emphasize, this literally allows one charmer, to spawn the equivalent of a +10 pvp rogue that can crit, every 4 seconds or so. They can output more dmg just by spawning these with rage on, than a full party of +10 damage classes could ever dream of doing, in pvp. It is quite literally a game breaking bug. And thats from 1 person abusing it. You can probably imagine the effect this would have, if you had multiple people abusing it in the same place.

    1237234991_Screen_Recording_20210824-101525_WarspearOnline.mp4 It's not even an exaggeration, here is a comparison to a +10 bds damage. (This is also with lower resi since gears stay lower level) +10 bd with full guild buffs and books does 1500, while a single dog that can be spammed infinitely every 4 seconds does 2k.
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    triggeredAF reacted to Pipipupucheeeek in Без аренера и жизнь плоха! Предложение по арене.   
    Внимание, тема сырая и требует
    Суть предложения, создать систему рангов для всех категорий арены, где внизу сидят пве игроки, которые хотят набить арену, а вверху тру аренеры.
    Как это работает, после определенного кол. Битв/убийст/полученных очков арены, вас автоматически перебрасывет на следующий ранг, всего их будет 2
    Первый вступительный
    Второй финальный.
    Для чего это нужно:
    1. Честная арена, нет потребности в догах (игроки 1 ранга не могут аренить с игроками 2 ранга)
    2. Большой интерес к арене среди пве игроков.
    3.равные бои против игроков.
    4. Меньше ожидания боя.
    Дополнение. Игрок, надев пве шмот, автоматически перебрасывается на "начальный ранг"
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Avamanyar in when can we expect a change to rogues?   
    I think they're fine. Imagine they were as good as paladin's shield
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    triggeredAF reacted to Pipipupucheeeek in Конвертация игровой валюты.   
    Рассмотрим две идеи конвертации игровой валюты:
    1. Добавление в лавку чудес слитков всех видов, ценой 2,5 чм - бронза, 5,0 - серебро, 7,5 - золото, 10- мифрил. (Без скидок) также цена может меняться в зависимости от курса лавки на сервере.
    2. Обмен золота на чудо - монеты. Любым способом, через NPC, встроенной функцией в интерфейс и т.д, 1к голд - 10 чм, 5к - 50 чм, 10к - 100.
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    triggeredAF reacted to Реактивный ранец in как не стать жертвой аферистов. (для новичков)   
    Берегите себя и своих близких! 
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    triggeredAF reacted to Bdto in Stop "allys" with other side   
    This thing broke our real warspear... please do something or delete side vs side and remake our game because "faction wars" are useless these days... im not talking about get "allies" on same side (that is good forfaction wars) but if your guild  is mc and you get elf "ally" it broke the real sense about the game 
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    triggeredAF reacted to Jucisantos in Quero melhorias no necro   
    Por favor melhorem a força do necro, ele está muito fraco, os boss também estão se esquirvado muito, por favor ajeitem esse bug, 
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    triggeredAF reacted to Slap in PvP resistance nerf   
    Level 32 Mermen armor is good, i wouldn't call it superior than others. I doubt that someone plays with mermen set against a druid for example or a priest or event a necro. These kind of sets are situational. You are going to use mermen set heavy in PvP against dps classes because that saves ur ass sometimes, but it is never in your advantage to use it against all classes, so in my opinion it is not superior or the best gear for pvp.
    Also in this topic you should also consider the skill build, Vla is complaining here that as a barbarian with full set greatness with Defeat skill 4/4 can't beat a barbarian with Mermen set in pvp that uses Fury 4/4... every person that has a bit of knowledge in PvP knows that you can't stand a chance against a barb with fury 4/4 if you are running defeat 4/4, but that's only my opinion.
    In conclusion i consider this topic unnecessary and inaccurate..
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    triggeredAF reacted to Churchill in RELICÁRIO DO LABIRINTO ASTRAL.   
    Minha sugestão é que buffem não muito porém um pouco a mais os drops dos relicários do labirinto astral abrindo uma possibilidade de farmar gold. Não estou pedindo nada exagerado mas algo melhor do que o atual. Aumentar a taxa de esfera dmg ll  por exemplo, ou lacaio encantadora de gatos que ainda é um lacaio valorizado principalmente em TWs

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    triggeredAF reacted to Dekion in Bug???   
    @Ivoo the avenger is now a permanent boss and will be worked on in the future, i saw this on the russian forum. the hydra is in hall of the demonologist.


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    triggeredAF reacted to Buckrudy in Um Novo Sistema!   
    E talvez você seja um dos jogadores que usam conta afk para se beneficiarem dos jogadores para subir rank. Só quem faz um jogo justo concorda com o que foi mencionado no tópico para um novo sistema. 
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Drakoknight in Guild Islands   
    Yes. The way their game is built limits devs on what they can add. This is a problem they had since the beginning.
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Avamanyar in Guild Islands   
    I mean, their engine is so trash they still didn't figure out how to synchronize client's game state with the server's one (in a 2d game it is not that hard) so I really doubt this will ever happen. 
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    triggeredAF reacted to rafa9876 in A Helping Hand - Warspear Online   
    I didn't have any special ideas so I just wanted to make a short video to talk about the amount of players that ask for help and need to wait for hours sometimes.
    Since the footage was easy to get (I already help people anyway so that is no issue) all I had to do was to properly talk, have a proper script and do some good editing.
    I'm not sure if I did any of them but it's good experience for the next time :) (The timing of the contest was a bit bad for me)
    Emeny - EU-Emerald
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    triggeredAF reacted to vavavi in Lets Talk About BDs   
    Sorry for the bad audio quality/english in general, hopefully atleast somebody is able to decypher a word or two.
    Eu - Emerald
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    triggeredAF reacted to Arthas in PvP resistance nerf   
    But they can't , thats the point. Level 32 heavy armor is far superior to any other variable (2 PARTS ONLY) 
    Don't get me wrong, i have lvl 32 gear, and i use that for PvP just because of how good it is, but it just turns greatness set into nothing , really.
    They should just create multiple greatness sets, with multiple buffs, and let people mix and match.
    We'd have variety , and meaning to greatness.

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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Jaidin in Charmer unbalanced   
    Yes. Let one class be way stronger than all others and you will see what will happen to the game lmao. You know you can compare their "strenght", right? They can be 100% different but if one gives no chance to others then there's clearly something wrong
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Fabr in Charmer unbalanced   
    Yes. Let one class be way stronger than all others and you will see what will happen to the game lmao. You know you can compare their "strenght", right? They can be 100% different but if one gives no chance to others then there's clearly something wrong
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Higgings in Charmer unbalanced   
    Yes but you don't see many people complain about them. I guess most druids/templars have their summons 1/4.
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    triggeredAF got a reaction from Fabr in Charmer unbalanced   
    Yes but you don't see many people complain about them. I guess most druids/templars have their summons 1/4.
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    triggeredAF reacted to Bingo bongo in Animação (deu muito trabalho) ;)   
    Animação feita por bingobongo (server brasileiro/facção primogenitos
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    triggeredAF reacted to Fabr in Charmer unbalanced   
    1 - Dude, we're in 2021, 40% attack strength isn't a big deal anymore. dmg classes do more damage than 40% auto attack with skills alone, check out the elusive jump. It does more damage than an auto attack. And then there's the templar with an ability that does 250% physical damage, and chieftain also has one that does 250% physical damage and one that does 275% magic damage in aoe.
    2 - Wow, ranger is the new warlock of the elves and I didn't even realize, I must be going crazy... I don't think you should be.
    3 - The druid's cure is no longer "massive", it's all right. he only has a lot of healing skills.
    4 - How can it be cycled with 45 sec recharge?
    5 - No, flow is maximum 9 players if you have the relic, and warlock can also stun 9 players with dark circle with the same relic. Stop crying.
    And legion has more area damage reduction than elves, like the barbarian's 2 roars, the shaman's weakness totem which reduces penetration by 25%, the chieftain's trashing which reduces damage by 50%, legion has more debuffs than elves also, warlock weakness zone that reduces magic defense by 80%, and charmer weakness that reduces physical and magic defense by 50%, and legion has more pets than elves.
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