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    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    naaah. aigrind made warspear, im 100% sure skylore won't be like chinese mmos with a joystick and 4 skills
  2. GalaxyRekt

    Achievements help, hints, and questions!

    Actually recorded a vid doing the achievement. It is still the same.
  3. GalaxyRekt

    Achievements help, hints, and questions!

    I have the achievements on my lv6 characters and none of them actually went to kronus lab but I will test it again right now
  4. GalaxyRekt

    Why no exp per kill?

    This is not a game where experience per kill would work. It is too easy to make bots for this game. But if you like to grind and stuff, you can grind map2 items and use them to complete quests (receiving exp). Thats indirectly Exp per kill
  5. GalaxyRekt

    Why no exp per kill?

    Sounds fun af doing the same thing over and over again. Definitely a good taste in mmo games
  6. GalaxyRekt

    Cooldown confusing ???

    Read properly the attribute description my dude.
  7. GalaxyRekt

    Uso do pet em boss

    Acho que é mentira mesmo. Eu, pelo menos, ganho drop de qualquer jeito 😀
  8. Cooldown does not decreases the time. Instead, it increases the speed at which your skills regen, because of that:
  9. GalaxyRekt

    Arena is really PROBLEMATIC.

    My dude, in our game arena is done by leaderboards. Deal with it 😄 (ranks system would be better, instead of making leaderboard they could make for example 20 ranks and to achieve the first one you would have to do thousands of demands, but there would be place for every player.
  10. GalaxyRekt

    Literally unplayable

    How am I going to sleep after discovering this?
  11. GalaxyRekt

    Cheap coins in china?

    Search in forum xD they already explained it multiple times
  12. GalaxyRekt

    Warpsear In 3D version 2019

    Warspear 3d with its own crypto currency would be hella lit
  13. GalaxyRekt

    Best gear and stats to have for a PvP Rogue 26-28

    Your build gets one shot by any char with more than 30% crit chance. Also, it is a really bad idea to use defence runes instead of resilience, you will not kill any PVP char. Full lv27 arena set will get almost same hp and 26% more resilience. No reasons to use defence runes and PVE set.
  14. GalaxyRekt

    Best gear and stats to have for a PvP Rogue 26-28

    Defence runes for PvP?... Any class will 1 tap that rogue, that dodge won't work every time.
  15. GalaxyRekt

    Amp failure

    Two-hand weapons are extremely hard to amp. 9 sets is OK for +6
  16. GalaxyRekt

    [2018.12.07] The XXV Arena season is open!

    You already lag playing just on Emerald...
  17. GalaxyRekt

    Boos mapa1

    Muito complicado, mas é possivel. Tem de focar no HP (lv13 da para pegar uns 2.8k), no dano (450+) e na regen de mana.
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    I can do that job for free
  19. GalaxyRekt


    you guys should remove lv10 arena items, just to troll buudbd👌 (dont touch lv6 pls)
  20. Finally... hope next time you won't add those minions into arena 😒 that thing ruins low lvl arena
  21. GalaxyRekt

    How is this possible?

    low hp.... git gud
  22. Não sabia desse vídeo, vlw Esperando a info do shaman
  23. Tem como mostrar as %% da classe caçador?