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  1. I mean, their engine is so trash they still didn't figure out how to synchronize client's game state with the server's one (in a 2d game it is not that hard) so I really doubt this will ever happen.
  2. Guild Islands could have housing mechanics
  3. Seria bom se eles diminuíssem o tempo de respawn das lives. No entanto, visto que eles demoram anos para alterar coisas simples do género, acredito que isso levará décadas a ser implementado.
  4. In a MMORPG? You're going to analyze classes individually in a game where class dynamics is the most important aspect? Interesting
  5. In the end you are just comparing classes. Sure you add some context but you are still comparing classes
  6. Yes. Let one class be way stronger than all others and you will see what will happen to the game lmao. You know you can compare their "strenght", right? They can be 100% different but if one gives no chance to others then there's clearly something wrong
  7. Charmer was already fine without using them in arena. They could make so that the dog has 50% of resilience of the char though
  8. Yes but you don't see many people complain about them. I guess most druids/templars have their summons 1/4.
  9. I think they are fine though.
  10. That wouldn't make much sense. The way stats work in warspear is very "conservative" for that to happen. Plus it would break most classes
  11. That would be awesome. I think castles were supposed to be like that in the beginning but well... Guess they need to work on their engine first to make this happen
  12. Just remove resilience from charmer's pets and everything will be fine again. It makes no f sense for a +10 mage to hit less than 400 on a pet
  13. Porque em vez de assistir 1000 videos simplesmente não arranja um emprego e compra coin msm kkkkkk
  14. Same. You literally can't play even though the zone shouldn't be affecting you because there are already a lot of people standing on it. Unless you use antistun (mage/bd) you will be stunned forever lmao
  15. "up win" only exists because of the way rewards system works. It would be way better, for example, to have a personal arena rank (that wouldn't affect matchmaking) that would basically give you X amount of imperials each day just by maintaining your rank. This would create an opening for stuff like daily arena missions, ranked matches, etc. It is not simple because of the low amount of players demanding. If you had, for example, 1000 demands at any given time then the arena system wouldn't even need to be changed. But I think that a rank based system would solve most of the problems.
  16. Yes. Also people that are using that to their advantage won't stop because there is a new rule. "Oh now I can no longer do this, what a shame guess I'll stop". They would really need to redesign the arena system to make it so that no one actually finds the need to ruin it.
  17. Adding new rules as the OP suggests won't change that.
  18. Não tem nada de errado o jogo dar a liberdade aos players de decidir como usufruir do sistema de arena. Se tem outros jogadores que "prejudicam" a sua jogabilidade a solução é não jogar arena
  19. The only thing bd really has is damage and antistun. As a tank it's useless (unless you focus 100% on defensive stats thus losing damage).
  20. Lmao. Your class already has movement speed, damage and defensive abilities (all of them overpowered and should be nerfed) and you also want to have stun? What a f joke
  21. Yeah, it's possible. It will just take you thousands of hours, or you can buy it in just ONE game session. You literally spend 1000x more time to get the same thing that you could just buy/amp in a few hours. You skip all the grinding. How isn't that an advantage? Even going by your definition of a pay to win game (which is clearly wrong btw) you can't get 8 of the expert slots so that would still make warspear p2w. You can use 8 passive book on those slots and boost your character's attributes.
  22. IMHO the amplification system is the only thing that makes warspear p2w. The time you need to grind to get an acceptable set is just too much. In just one day, you can get the maximum amplification that would otherwise literally take you years. No idea how that is not p2w, assuming that the amplification level of your items is crucial for PvP and even for PvE at some extent. Once again, I'm not saying that being p2w is bad but saying that "Warspear CANNOT BE MENTIONED AS P2W!" just makes no sense at all.
  23. Dude. If most people consider this game as p2w then maybe they are right. Being p2w is not a bad thing but trying to ignore that is just plain dumb.
  24. Seria bom. Pode ser que assim tivesse mais gente participando.
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