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  1. Well i hope GM will make everyone have a chance to win something. Because GM like to make the dg's harder and harder every year and now alot people dont get a chance to win anything becouse the dg is too hard for them
  2. Yeah but how will they lose money on this kind of event? Alot of people will start buy alot mcoins because alot of nice stuff will get on sale so they will need gold and how do you make fast gold? By buying mcoins
  3. Hi gm i got an idea that i hope will be possible too make for one hole day. I think you guys should make a hole day with 1 mcoin to undbind a item. Alot og people have junk in there bags and they wanna get it sold but its personal and if a person got alot og junk in his bag them it will be expensive to undbind it all so i think you guys should make a event that are called the 1 mcoin undbind day.
  4. When im at pelion and try makee the quest 95/200k then there is this one bd called zackwhyle that keep making he boss evade and we cant do nothing about it. We have tried to ask him very kind to stop but he dosent stop. And its not even because he wanna hunt or somthing he is just there to anoy people. Please do somthing about it.
  5. I have now waited for a long time and its starting to piss me off. Why is it that u guys make new heroes that are like very strong and u guys make bd weak. I dont think im the only one that think bd deserves the old counter attack back. Every hero have 8 expertskills and u guys made a great skill for bd and then made it the worst skill in the game. Like come on. My bd dmg is 900 and i only hit 12 wiht counter attack. We bd's deserve nettet than that
  6. Dear gm i wanted to buy some more mcoins via google playstore but it seems like you guys made the prices of mcoins much more expensive. Pls make it Like the old day
  7. Daria so ?? You have an answer for me?
  8. But my axe was new and i didnt AMP it. It was +0 and my bd name is tratencim EU server
  9. I just bought an tech axe lv 25 and whent off just 2hour and when i game back it was gone ?? Why ?? Its very expensive to buy please answer. Did i do something wrong?? The axe was new it was not amped Name is tratencim and EU server
  10. My bd is now lv 26 becouse i knew that i could not get lv down i was lv 18 and didnt see how much exp i needed to lv up. I wanna go lv down please. Maybe there should be a Potion that makes you lv down:( please forum make it happend. i was a very good lv 18 i was always buying mcoins but now i dont want to becouse it not funny at lv 26
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