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    Malik Campbell reacted to Morgana in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    Next time is going to be by the end of October probably 
    P.S. you gotta click on the smiley to be able to delete it 😛
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Higgings in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    Well, generally...
    PvE --> staff
    PvP --> Mace and Shield
    Of course, the best would be adapting your character to the situation you will face: if you need to deal damage and get rid of enemies a bit more quickly, a Mace and the use of Call can help you. If your party has a tank and a damager and a supportive class is required, staff is the best solution. If you have to tank, Mace and Shield, as well as if you want to solo something. It is all about choosing the best option on the most appropriate situation, but I am sure that once you'll get used to it you will also keep a primary weapon with you, independently of the situation. 🙂
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Emerald in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    I will answer 2nd question, 
    You can obtain vampirism rune (life steal) only from certain event mcoin chests only, which are available during halloween, spring, and ws birthday events 🙂
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Higgings in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    Yep, you're right... but the dark side is more fascinating 
    @Malik Campbell it was a pleasure! For further questions, write! 
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    Malik Campbell got a reaction from Higgings in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    Shaman sounds like a complete power house, It will be my main on Legion along side Death knight which is also cool, Hunter is a good to go and Charmer will be my next main focus after shaman (it's a very unique mix with a  healer and tank that's why I love it). 
    @Higgings and Everyone else on this post, thank you for the information that you all took time out of your day to provide for me, before I can make this plan a success I'll have to finish up some my duties ATM. I really appreciate the help thank you all.
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Higgings in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    Lucky him I didn't write details then, lol 
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Waheed in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    Dude asks for advice
    Higgings writes a book

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    Malik Campbell reacted to Higgings in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    My knowledge is at your disposal, my yet-unsure fellow!
    Let's start with one simple but useful thing to know: on PvE, if maxed, almost any class can solo anything on MC side.
    •If you love to deal Massive damage and to hear the lonely mob scream "what did just hit me?": I recommend Hunter, Rogue, Warlock.
    - Hunter is the best one, and the build that people usually handle is the Speed/Crit. They can reach an incredible ammount of damage if maxed and a high DPS even with a crossbow. They can solo with a Life Steal build and a high amp weapon (+9 is enough). They have many AoE skills at their disposal and can buff themselves through several skills, among them, Combat Stance, maybe their best offensive skill. On PvP, they have plenty of CC abilities and they can shoot from the distance: this almost makes of them Physical Damage Warlocks. 
    - Rogue is kinda the same story of the hunter. It has no damage buff though but relies a lot on Critical Hit, Speed, Accuracy and his Dodge statistic. They can reach a good ammount of damage and critical hit even with +9 weapons. They lack of some very strong AoE damaging skills and some of their skills are completely useless for now: they definitely need a rework on this side. They can solo with a correct life steal/crit/speed build. 
    - Warlock can count on several damage skills combined with the possibility to deal several negative effects to the opponent: from stunning to reducing his movement, from DoT to Silence. It is the only class for now which can reach the highest ammount of magic damage in the game for a caster (we speak of even 1k magic dmg with arena accessories) due to his passive skill which buffs his attack and his critical hit. Relies on the ammount of mana for certain damage skills, CoolDown and Energy regen. It can be a nice alternative to rogues, when it comes to AoE damage or to slow down mobs. Not very good on soloing. 
    •If you love to take massive damage and at the same time taking a coffee, watching TV and listening to music while you laugh at a 2k damage enemy that hits you 800 or 500: Deathknight, Barbarian, 
    - Barbarians are pretty understimated as PvE class, imo. Their lack of defensive basic skills is compensated by the presence of strong offensive and debuffing skills, which hit even more enemies at once. It can stun, deal a lot of damage and reduce incredibly the attack of his enemies. It is a moving fortress in PvP and his expert skills can pretty much take care of very strong bosses on 1v1. Most of barbarians use a high def set up, penetration, accuracy. They are perfect when it comes to face 1v1 a very strong enemy, but his weakness is maybe represented by 1vsMany scenarios... which, tbh, it is not really a big deal nowadays.
    - Deathknight is my class... ehe... Once not even invited on Normal Tower cause it would've been a 2 stam run and now able to solo that tower and on 1 stam, Deathknight is a class which is able to reach a incredibly high endurance through several paths: Very High defence, ability to buffs both attack and defence, survivability in case he is near to death, stunning and muting abilities and last but not for importance, his bound with the Life Steal statistic. The only class which can reach incredibly high ammounts of such statistic without using potions or scrolls, and loves 1vsMany scenarios since he can heal from mobs who seize him. It Is able to ignore a lot of damage received (my own dk receives like 300 dmg from Nomarch-4 without scrolls or pots of any kind) and is very strong on PvP. A Life Steal dk is not cheap to build... at all... but don't fret, since there is a cheaper version and almost as strong as the first option: in fact, Dks get along with the HP-Regeneration statistic too! High defence, Accuracy (very important for this class) and if you desire, a good ammount of damage too. Extremely suitable for solo scenarios too. 
    •If you love to heal and take care of your Zombie team mate or your favourite Viking: Necromancer, Shaman, Charmer
    - Necromancer is the primary healer of the Legion side. Particularity of the class is the use of some of his hps to cast almost every supportive skill. Able to heal through different ways, to litterally resurrect the fallen ally and to debuff significantly the opponent. Supports the party with healing and shielding skills, can count on some AoE damage skills and can cure one ally through them. Understimated in PvP, this class will make the journey in dungeon or through a quest more comfortable and safe. Since he loses HPs to cast some of his skills, having a high ammount of these points is not recommended: the higher HPs he has, the Higher is the cost to cast a skill, which is dangerous in critical moments. Critical Hit and Cooldown are the best option for this class, and with some Life Steal it can solo some bosses too.  
    - Shamans: very versatile characters, they are close to be pretty much whatever you want them to be: shamans with 8k def aren't rare anymore as well as shamans which crit 2.5k healing* or Shamans able to deal 3k critical damage with an Earthquake which hits several enemies at once. There are several builds for this class: Tanky - focuses on HPs, Maxed equipment (staff even at +9) and some life steal rune/relic on your equipment - Solo - High critical hit, Accuracy and Penetration, maxed Fire Totem and last but not least a Decent Life Steal ammount; they heal through that even 800-1000 with 19% Life Steal, not to count healing skills - Healer - Maxed supporting skills, Cooldown set up and Critical hit, in order for your healing to be stronger. It is op on PvP as well, with the correct build. Can definitely solo. 
    - Charmers are tanks, are healers, are damagers: Charmer is one day tank, then if you get tired of it and you want a healer, you just change some skill points and here your healer. Same story for the damager role (very understimated on this, but simply because there are proper damagers around). Extremely versatile class even more than a Shaman, wears both a shield and mace or a staff (currently the only class able to switch from ranged to melee), a nice range of stunning and debuffing abilities, it can reach a very high ammount of defence and is constantly assisted by minions who help him on battle or heal his wounds. It can be extremely useful as supportive class and it is the terror of the Sentinel Side on PvP (Warlocks came on 2nd place... lel). It suits any build you want him to take and it is the perfect solution for who wants to have fun on his own sometimes: it can solo even with +5 equips and no Life Steal.
    Once you will select the perfect class for you, we may see them a bit more deeper than we did right now. I really hope to have enlightened you through your decision, and if you have further questions, do not hesitate on asking! 
    I bid you a nice day! 😉
    *Take in consideration buffs and maxed characters. I am saying this since you stated to be able to invest on a class you rate perfect to you.
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    Malik Campbell got a reaction from Morgana in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    @Higgings Lend me your knowledge/information on the Legion classes best suited for PvE. Plz. 
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Morgana in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    Ouw sorry but no :c I barely played on Legion.
    But @Higgings knows a lot about them
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Emerald in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    I myself play priest, and i invest alot in both PvE and PvP, if you have the right setup, it is dmger+healer, mainly in PvE.
    And in my opinion, mage, warden, and ranger are op PvE classes, no one can beat ranger in dps i can say 🙂 as i play most sentinel classes you can msg me personally if you desire it.
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Jcbreff in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    Wardens and mages are propably best pve solo classes for opposite reason
    mage is the unstoppable force
    Warden is the immovable object
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Morgana in Best classes for PvE, skills and builds   
    You can also be f2p when going for pve xD
    Generally, Sentinel classes are a little bit better in pve than Legion classes. 
    The ultimate damaging class is Mage, Wardens are probably the best tanks you could possibly have.
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Morgana in Remove axes from Bladedancers   
    Remove axes from Rogues in return :'(
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Speedom in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Wait seeker just gets another attack skill? Really? No defense 
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Hardlifee in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    If you nerf block heal its really gonna effect how wardens work, so just dont, your player base is low already. why do you want to loose more players?
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    Malik Campbell got a reaction from Helloguys in Steam costume   
    I'm not afraid to say this but the old players are right this game is a complete pay to win and the creator of the game must fix this in the game, (I don't know about unbalance thing because some of the old players bring it up on their review) and I've been playing a game call marvel future fight it's a with all the Marvel heroes and Villains some of them them you'll have to buy (By buying bio selectors in the store) but the game itself gives you a huge start they make you chose a 6* hero and other materials to upgrade it and other characters. As a new player you'll get a 7 day login reward for for the next 7 days and they also have a 30 day login reward for all players too, I've been playing it for months now I'm at level 67(The highest level is 70 at the moment) and I'm also a free to play and I can earn up 20-25 million gold and 175 gems within a week(The gems are from daily missions which is fun and easy to day within minutes. For the heroes and Villains they have uniforms some of them has high stats like ones with 10% stats of all attack and defense is 1250 gems on discount day it's 750 gems, 15% stats 1500 gems discount 1050 gems and 20% stats 2500 gems discount 1750 gems keep in mind that you can upgrade the uniform up to "Mythic" that will increase the stats even higher. If you love to spend money on games then you'll have it far easier than me because you can buy a gem pack that can give you up 75 gems per day for 30 days and guess what my friend it only cost US$3.59 oh yes US$3.59!!!and you also get 300 gems with it for purchasing it which will be give you VIP level 1 you only need to purchase at least 200 gems. The Highest VIP level is 20 and you'll get special daily rewards, Auto play++,extra rewards on missions, more Inventory space and many more surprises. I'll have to stop here because I keep on typing it's going to be a book, I recommend anyone to try the game out it it's in Playstore and apple store and if you don't like it that's okay. And one last thing if I ever have money to spend on Warspear our Marvel Future Fight I'd pick MFF (I hope I don't get banned for this tho that would be weird).
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Helloguys in Steam costume   
    I saw them too .... this game go down in like 2 years 
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    Malik Campbell got a reaction from Helloguys in Steam costume   
    I've seen the reviews on steam for Warspear that has Not Recommended from old players and oh boy they ain't pretty.
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    Malik Campbell reacted to Tamer Ismail in new players guide   
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    Malik Campbell reacted to ELASIRI in [2017.10.18] Update Warspear Online 7.2: Realm of Nightmares. Preview.   
    Plssssssssssss make top lvl dg so hard that only skilled ppl can do so we sell items for good price 
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    Wow warlocks are very interesting.
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    Malik Campbell reacted to StrongShot in Warlock arena - Daarkrr   
    Some seals battles and other arena on my lock, enjoy! 
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    Malik Campbell got a reaction from Pecleb in Vote To Get Counterattack Back   
    I know that you want to be able to solo arenas and all of waspear ( Which isn't going to happen thank the lord) that's why I chose no.
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    Malik Campbell got a reaction from nabnecro in Vote To Get Counterattack Back   
    I know that you want to be able to solo arenas and all of waspear ( Which isn't going to happen thank the lord) that's why I chose no.
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