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    Spearshooter Scorpion
    Once upon a time, an elven engineer working under Langasard invented a magical weapon, it was called the "Spearshooter", a huge crossbow made from the wood of a magical tree from the forests of Melvendil. It magically produces huge arrows as big as a spear when you pull its strings, it means this weapon never runs out of ammunition. The weapon was intended for the invasion of Godgorath and if possible the destruction of Moraktar. The Langasard army made countless of them even cutting down the last standing magical tree of Melvendil. The elven elders warned the elven engineer about its harms, but he did not listen.
    They mounted the spearshooters on battle ships and gathered all the experienced captains and crewmen from Melvendil and Langasard. The warships sailed forward towards the cursed lands, blue sails fluttered against the sea winds. The men laughed, as if victory has been achieved. Little did they know of the disaster that will fall upon them. 
    A raging storm sweeped the whole fleet leaving nothing but annihilation. Harad did not smile upon them, neither did Nuadu. They called upon their names, some even called out for Garahan the black dragon. Nothing came, the storm strenghtened instead. It was the wrath of the gods. All the ships, crews and spearshooters all went down in the deepest of Arinar's waters.
    The elven engineer was among the drowned. With the cutting down of the last magical tree the spearshooters were never made again. Several attempts were made to built another one using different wood, but all failed with the last of the magical tree gone and with the death of the elven engineer. The spearshooter became a legend. And like all legends, it now only exists in books. Everyone had forgotten about it, until now.
    Scouts among the Maliat elves report a wreckage of a pirate ship riddled with arrows as huge as spears. Frogle corpses were found shot along the coasts of Ayvondil after an attempted raid. Numerous other pirates and sea creatures were found dead by scouts with huge arrows impaled on them. Until one day a scout reported seeing a huge crossbow coming out of the sea shooting a pirate ship on a great distance, it was being carried by a huge scorpion on its back. Several civilians also report these crossbow carrying scorpions fending of pirates and sea creature attacks. 
    "It was the spearshooter," old folks say. The long lost weapon drowned to the sea has now emerged with a new purpose. Not for the destruction of the Legion, but for the destruction of even greater evil. But was has happened to them? And how did it happen?
    Centuries ago when the spearshooter fleet was wiped away, they were saved by huge scorpions unknowingly living on the depths of Arinar. They are kind and calm despite their intimidating looks. Their cold hard shell gave off a crescent blue in contrast to their fiery crimson eyes. The crew were sheltered by these scorpions in an air-trapped cave in the depth of the sea. There, the elven engineer realized his mistake. Melvendil was destroyed not because of the Mountain Clan nor the Forsaken, but because of him. He destroyed the last living magical tree of Melvendil for what? To cause more destruction? Destruction will lead into more destruction. The elven engineer was filled with remorse, he failed his task as a Firstborn –to protect the land of Arinar.
    With the few surviving men they had in the dim lit air-trapped cave they tried fixed what they had done wrong. One by one they removed the spearshooters from the sunken ships and mounted them on the scorpions that have saved them. They made sure that every scorpion will have a spearshooter mounted on its back. For years and decades the crew removed, fixed and placed these weapons until every last crustacean of its kind has a giant crossbow slammed on its back. They all knew that these scorpions will do the right job, a right job better than theirs.
    The spearshooter scorpions remained near the air trapped cave for some centuries until it decided to venture out into the known world of Arinar. Perhaps it has sensed the greater evil that lurks beyond the unknown waters of Ayvondil? Or maybe it has sensed something else? No matter what the reason is the spearshooter's real purpose is about to be told.
    *Ranged Damage dealer class minion.
    *Note: the spearshooter scorpion uses the tip of its tail to pull the crossbow string.
    Abilities and skills.
     1. Power shoot (active skill) - deals high damage to enemy.
     2. Poison shoot (active skill) - the scorpion envenoms its arrow.
     3. Lock-on (passive skill) - the minion will increase its accuracy rate on the target with every hit. (2% accuracy for every attack, max is 20% accuracy. Restarts when minion attack misses or minion changes target. )
     4. Bulls-eye (passive skill) - the minion will increase its critical rate on the target with every hit. (2% critical for every attack, max is 20% critical. Restarts when minion attack misses or minion changes target. )
    IGN: Saicreed (US-Sapphire)
    *Please forgive my attempt in my childish illustration. It is my first time in making an art out of majestic pixels.
    -Top view

    -Front view (kind off..)

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    saicreed got a reaction from BennyBT in [2018.08.17] Сontest "Legends of Arinar!" - 2018: Results   
    Wew... won third place thanks much guys. I really had a good feeling my story will place third and not first nor second idk why lol. I'm currently writing the continuation of my story "Memories of Irselnort". The story will take place in Ayvondil. It will tell Saicreed's tale of the foreign land and his tale of love about a certain woman.
    Oh and by the way all our stories are winners, not only us. 
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