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  1. Not sure what all the complaining is about. Paladin got the buff it deserved making it as balanced as can be if not up to par with the rest of the tanks in the game. complaing just becauss it has a slightly less amount of health than the others is just idiotic; it's still a tank nonetheless. Every class has its own strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Especially ethereal essences, why are they so much rarer than catalysts? Shouldn't it be the other way around? There are 6 types of crafts that require essences as opposed to only 2 types that require catalysts... Yet you make it HARDER to get essences? -They should have the same drop chance if not higher than catalysts. Like seriously, right now it costs about 600k+++ just to make one level 24 unique ring; that's ridiculous ! Please consider adjusting this....
  3. I'm curious, does anyone actually use this type of gear? I feel like you sacrifice way too much hp just for a little extra crit/energy...
  4. So no skill bugs are fixed? Like warlock's pool of darkness? Anyway, decent update, goodjob.
  5. Yeah I guess, but damn, just 1 hit is enough to romove the skill entirely. >_< I really wana lvl up the skill, but it really isn't worth it! a minor buff won't hurt nobody
  6. Not really. Don't forget warlocks are a damage type class aswell. If tanks can't sustain the aggro from taunt with their damage output, we endup getting hit aswell. There are also many other factors that come into play. i.e doing quests alone, general combat, retribution still not fixed...
  7. Yes your right, only arrow of darkness' damage was increased ever since that update. Nothing changed with life exhaust and pool of darkness. Late but important! #Necro-postingFTW
  8. Please do this!!!! or please just make the damage increase passed level 1 much much higher to compensate for how fragile it is!!! __ Lvl 1/4 My damage 515>>>544 Crit 15%>>>17% Lvl 4/4 My damage 515>>>589 Crit 15%>>>20% 1-hit gone, wait 12 seconds...Very disappointing.
  9. 1. the new rogue skill, sinister strike, gives the same debuff as the warlock skill, Grimoire, when used. shouldn't the rogue skill have its own icon when used on an enemy? reason for this is because they cancel eachother out when used and it doesnt even make sense. 2. the warlock skill pool of darkness is completely broken! when used on more than 2 mobs, they receive damage once but then then the skill stops working. wasn't this target limitation only for player characters? Also, shouldnt it just hit the limited amount of players instead of cancelling the skill entirely if it is too many? either way, please fix it for PVE sake. I checked other skills like earthquake, blazing ground, acid rain, poison shield, time warp etc and they work fine. and yes, this issue has absolutely nothing to do with the position bug.(can't post anymore today so I edited this) 3. What happened to all the skill sounds? When using a skill, it's sound isn't there. I couldn't care less but I'm just reporting. I've only noticed this on android by the way, haven't checked other platforms.
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