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  1. wow this game still alive. ;D
  2. i cant update ws to my pc, everytime i downloaded it, still the old version. even when i deleted the old version. so, anyone?
  3. I know all people would say im wrong, but thats becouse Chrys onlu posting some screenshot that she can win, only if you guys read the whole convo, hahah i would say you guys gonna be on my side, and maybe dont. xD
  4. yeah maybe i dont, or maybe you should post the screenshot about you bagging me to unbind the staff and gave to you and you make it personal. or maybe just, forget about this. ;D
  5. Is that what you called friends? Posting shit on forum instead of talking to some legends member about it? Hahah. Admit it you were busted by me that tryna take my items and saying you gonna save them, you even said this to me " pls give me the staff, I swear ill make it personal " is that even a good way to save a friends? Hahah. See ya girl.
  6. Ill bet yasir would get ducked up. xDDDD and a sugestion starting fight shouldnt be like showing shield means its a sign for a start, should be like 10 steps away from another player(the one he wanna pvp) and another player will count 1 2 and 3 to start. well then, goodluk to all
  7. assassin dont gang bang. :lol:
  8. a fail ducking nooob rouge. :wacko:
  9. none shall touch her :diablo: :lol:
  10. and people buying it for 100k. while v3.5 cost 1g on shop. thats gotta me epic. :lol:
  11. not even Akemichi im doing trading
  12. wasnt really so hard to get 1 :dirol:
  13. its okay, hes just a new guy who wanna be famous :lol: :lol:
  14. how many it take to kill 1 Druid? :rofl:
  15. I thought I was in the wrong tavern. wonder why Russian jump over here. ;D anyhow ,Добро пожаловать на форум :good: :lol:
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