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  1. i know, the one he post looks like edited. xDDDDDD
  2. oh yeah? haha. duck you already. dont make such an excuses that you a, a sucker. :drinks: :lol:
  3. theres alot of old players who dont registered on forum since they started ws. tco a lvl 17 druid, never seen that before, looks like a ducking cunt druid. ;D
  4. are you even understand english noob? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. duck you noob, you are newbie who probably play this game 2-3 month only, i dont run to mc either to elf. i play both faction before you even knew. so shut duck up cunt :good:
  6. ci mad bro? ;D well, even my druid rape ur ass off in arena. :blush:
  7. perhaps, you should lvl up you poor druid than posting shit about me. ur nothing but a scumbag. what our people would called " anak ampang " curious what its mean? hahaha. anak ampang~ whoa~ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. yup widzę tutaj są dzieci, dobrze, że to ty. O:-)
  9. well, atleast im better on game play, rather than you who only follows revagne orders, being a ducking pets? hehehe. yet, whos the one learning how to hunt lab bosses back there? awwww, yet you guys still suck. so duck you more. hahah.
  10. I nawet nie rozumieją, co mówię ;D
  11. to fakt, że chłopaki a tchórze do pvp
  12. didn't your mom told you she care? awwww. :lol:
  13. none believe I deleted knox. O:-) O:-)
  14. Poley all the way~ hahah. duck Pvprange. ;D
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