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  1. I got extra sphere def, pm me in game if someone needed, and I will try so bought 8k mc, maybe. havent comfirm yet, and let you guys use it. :drinks:
  2. its not that hard if you know what to do. we killed first boss with only 1 party. 8) 8) now, we about to reach that lvl 22 boss. :yahoo: :yahoo: and die. :facepalm: :facepalm:
  3. I got no problems with Pc Client. for now, waiting the game to back up online. :dirol: :dirol:
  4. knoxvillle

    Warspear Comics

    interesting. :good:
  5. he's busy with new games. :lol: :tease: we need to gather up soon the game is back up online. gotta brwose around the new place. hahah.
  6. very soon please. :cray:
  7. some noob players post fof member as scammer. too bad, my name on it too. :facepalm: hahah.
  8. Pueppi ..... I think I miss ....... you. :sorry: :sorry: :sorry:
  9. guys its update, and its time for all of us back in game like we used to. hopes the update going well. :dirol: :dirol:
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