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  1. hows the game going F.o.F? 8)
  2. Im healing 270. :dirol: 320 full moon. 8)
  3. then I will kill Daniloo too. :dirol:
  4. so Imma kill both. :pleasantry:
  5. Look screenshot from the game page 34. It shows that crossfit using Hornig. :lol:
  6. Hornig = Crossfit. noob rouge and also noob shaman. never killed me alone without he's friend. :lol: I even got a video Crossfit with Keidoblast against me. too bad, both dead. :mega_shok: :lol:
  7. idk whats the problem with fizza. atking me in sudden. well tho, im good with it. :good: ill see you around. no worries. :pleasantry:
  8. Ill be stop playing a while soon with this game. just wanna let you guys know. hahah.
  9. i lost cc hood and armor at first day of update. total loses = 300 cc. :wacko:
  10. my opinion, lets have a break. get some lighter and smoke. 8)
  11. look gwapito making drama. :facepalm:
  12. just kill them slay. end of story. 8) some mcs think that elf wont do nothing if they coming to our territory. :facepalm:
  13. lol. first island indeed.
  14. suprememan is dead. :dirol:
  15. hahaha. sure~ lets go now. what you say? 8)
  16. hahaha. well, Ive killed him once. alone. how could you can kill me? watch out, Im the one might rape you 8) or you might rape me, but with ur little princess friends. :( :lol:
  17. shhh. :facepalm: :facepalm: :lol:
  18. Ill kill suprememan everytime I saw him. as he start the war. so be it. 8)
  19. lol. Im not quite understand what ur saying. surely, Im not that what you called philippines. :lol: :lol:
  20. gmt +8. will free to play since morning till midnight. 8)
  21. just a suggestion, if you guys making party for lab .. dont forget to pm us, WoG. so we can hunt together. like what Bry said .. 2-3 parties enough to kill the harder boosses. looking forward for camping Anax. 8) 8)
  22. If I was there, Crossfit wont stand a chance to servive. 8) :lol:
  23. please welcome Elvic to our clan. :drinks:
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