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  1. I think Sok can put me as inactive now. Im leaving the game guys. thanks for the memory. :friends: ps, I aint coming back.
  2. oh yes, MERC DID CRY AND GET MAD. hahahahahaha. old time old timessss. hahah. :rofl:
  3. you paid me 6k for that day. v0.7 hahahaha. admit it merc. we will share mc if i win. :lol: :rofl:
  4. hahahaha. ask shy then. you dont wanna admit it. i still remember tho, you paid me some gold just to know whats Shy's real name is. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. who says ur not includ in? read carefuly. :diablo: :lol:
  6. if theres Eu-Emerald arena meet Us server arena. it would be niceeeeeeeeee. :lol:
  7. It was on 25th of May, the day that I had a final tournament of Conter Strike 1.6. and after that, I decided to quit and sold all my gaming gears as in I stop gaming and focus on work. Next week after that, some of my friends come over to my place to chill up. they we're 3 who addicted playing Warspear Online, I got nothing to do, just doing some paper works. :facepalm: somehow, I'm thinking to have a trial on Warspear Online, better than doing papaer works all day long. The first day playing Warspear, wasnt that bad. doing boring quest together with the homie. UNTIL I lost my password and ID, the enjoyable of Warspear gone just like that. but then, MIRICLE happen, I dreamt about Im the best Player on Warspear. hahahah. I know it sounds sucks, but its true. That day, my courage to play back Warspear is there. So I made an a char, name Knoxville. Times goes by, finally I reach 2nd Island. The first thing I did, is going to the shop checking new staff and etc. I saw a better sword on shop. ON that time, I sold my both " Sword Of Hunter " that came from 1st island and bought that new sword. Im out of gold already, coz of that 2 new sword I just bought. then I realize that Im on rank 3. that sword requitment is rank 4. lol. I lost my intrest again to play Warspear. I leave my BD just like that, and made a Druid name Knox, and when Knox is start to walking around the game. I meet some frinds who help me go through all quest on 2nd island, they were, Shyleen, Jasper, SKatehigh, Acid. We did first quest on 2nd island until Six Shadow Quest together. Best memory. and I never forget also, me, shyleen and skatehigh meet this guy, noob newbie actually at first. hahahaha. he's name, MERCURIAL. who realy desperate about Shyleen old time ago. Merc even porpose Shy. hahahaha. but Shy rejected Merc. poor Merc. :lol: (true story!) until merc, shy and skate move to mc side. Im all alone. I was about to quit, but things change that I manage to find another elf brothers and sisters, which is Ashurainx, Sok, and OFCOZ my sweeeeety Cheza. hahahah, and etc. times after times, we all so good being close to each other, so we decided to make a clan in game, and it is WoG. and now, its 2012, almost a year being with the brothers and sisters, such a big happy family. :drinks: and I also never forget my best friends in game, Tayuya. this guy is best friends ever, without him, I think I wont be such a good Druid. why, when the ampli things introduce, by that time, I know Ill be raped by mcs and mobs with low def and such a weak dmg. but this Tayuya, wont let me become weak, so he decided to bought me 8k m.coin. good old days :friends: ps, ignore my poor english. hahaha. and merc, dont get angry. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. wow. 298 moon and 266 heal on dmg set? or ur talking dmg set on 298 full moon, and heal set 266 full astral. if ur talking about dmg set 298 moon with 266 heal. lol, thats amazing. coz mine, dmg set 295 moon 192 heal only. ;D
  9. hey bro kuzmitch, can you add " Brunei Darussalam " for sms payment. thanks bro. :good:
  10. for me, I would love to chose godly and pinoy. both the best. :drinks:
  11. not all shaman can kill Druid, only some who really know how to use Shaman rightfully. ;)
  12. LOL you dont know tlatsu? he's the big mouth on Elf side, who think he's the master bd. hahaha. :lol:
  13. hey guys, I come with news. Im leaving the game. Im afraid it will take time for me to play this game again. maybe with that new faction, Ill be back, but its just maybe. hahah. what new faction you guys wanna plan to play now? so we all would still in same hood. maybe if I back in game, Imma chose Chosen, and it might be Paladin. hope I playit tho. hahah. will update you guys on forum. :friends:
  14. i admit Suprememan is strong, but not for Wws. I did rape him, like 5-6 times alone. he's real man tho, he come alone, yet die alone. until he bring he's friend to hunt me down. :lol:
  15. REMEMBER?????? REMEMBEEEEERRRRRRRRR?????? hahahaha. so funny~ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ps, merc noob. :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  16. if theres new arena gears and cc one, then lab equip is deep shit useless. :facepalm:
  17. hindi ko kailangan ang mga guro, i kailangan lang ilang mga kristal at rune. :sorry: :yahoo: ps. I dont know Im on correct gramma or not. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. hahaha. hindi napakabuti. :sorry:
  19. lol. rangers are deep shit weak. even my rangers, never win any battle in Arena against mc. :wacko:
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