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  1. who is this kid? :wacko:
  2. look how poor crossfit come from a long way and dead. :lol:
  3. 2k m.coin left becouse of this 2 items. :facepalm: ;D
  4. anything you guys want on m.shop? :lol:
  5. lol. its not my problem cross get low amply or whatever. he's the one who got big mouth. 8)
  6. hahaha. even with ur +10 sword. you still gonna be a piece of noob rouge who think can play crossline with me. :lol: lol i never use pots killing you, ur easy to kill. what for i use pots. :'( hahahah. go study more kid, and get better life and a better work. :yahoo:
  7. im not that strong, its just Crossfit got big mouth. :facepalm: :lol:
  8. hahaha. see how weak, crossfit die again and again while he playing crossline. :facepalm: :lol: weak rouge even with ur bg sword. :pleasantry:
  9. Elfkillerr with Gexg. Elfkiller dead. poor barb. :facepalm:
  10. how weak is crossfit. playing crossline, but still noob die 1 on 1. :facepalm:
  11. you win? hahahah. you win first round with a help of that shaman to double ur body, so I have to click twice on ur body. 2nd round you died like peice of shit. :bad:
  12. crossfit is noob. everytime I ask him to 1 on 1. he will say this, " okay lets go. you and Spanish " lol. how coword he is until he bring Spanish to this fight. I know ur noob weak rouge cross. ur nothing against me. :mega_shok:
  13. hahaha. lets hunt later if im not busy.
  14. ur prettier can be bought on m.shop. mine is limited one. :good: :rofl:
  15. thanks kuz for the suit. :yahoo:
  16. one and only suit, a present from Kuzmitch. thanks kuz, :yahoo: :friends:
  17. hahah. now cross and others who talk shit about wog, i will not tolerated to kill you guys. have my words.
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