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  1. yeah I guess LoL way better. anyhow, good to see you here. hahah. ;D
  2. well hello long lost kathi. hahahah. :drinks: didnt expect you still playing :P
  3. you should try once, its good. 8)
  4. dont even think about it. :blush: whoa~ was a good one. :drinks:
  5. wasnt plaining a long term play tho. ;D p/s, long time no see Bia. :drinks:
  6. no idea why im back at this game. :shout:
  7. this game, doesnt change much I guess. cheers to all gamers that knows me. :drinks: greeting from Megan Fox.
  8. my bd is there. " Knoxville " ;D :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. maybe you can tell that to US people Malek, but not for EU maybe. :blush: or should I ask you, did you really amp it ur self? :blush: or was it Legi? :blush: ;D
  10. how about the people that already opened the casket and got some crap items?
  11. biedne pocałunki anioła piętro.
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