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  1. nah, im just playing for fun several time. been off the whole year.
  2. does Poley still exist in this game?
  3. "player knoxy" ? missing my druid
  4. check this out, been playing this one since last 3 month.
  5. Mage Ethernal Barrier now works after every attack with no exceptions. Stone Shatters has a little chance to stun enemies. is this a joke? been trying almost 2h with Necro's, not even a single stunt i've made on him.
  6. finally a change on mage. hopefully that " stunt " and " barrier " will help alot. hopefully!
  7. mage are no fight now against most of the class. :facepalm: especially healers.
  8. mage = fked up. mage are meant to be dmg dealer, and now some random shi*t buff, unless you guys give 80-100% speed and accuracy then its okay, or else. its fked up. cloth armor + no heal = dead by 2 rouge in 3 sec.
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