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  1. I don't care bout the story and don't care bout cybernem It's crystal clear, I asked Mia (Stunqueen/whitechoco/disastrous)if she was aware that you scammed and she clearly said: "Yep, cuz of me" Your friend exposed you for a scammer - I simply asked the question. You are shady. You are a scammer. Period. Good luck with your account trades now scammer TC
  2. Accounts LENNOJX, drunknhigh, frizoskal, easyisnoob, easywayout. Aka Atte. SCAMMER EXPOSED STUNQUEEN/Whitechoco/disastrous had an issue with cybernem (see locked post in tavern "truth behind lies") Lennojx had cybers info and in retaliation for whitechoco he unbound cybernem's gears, deleted his account, and sold the gears. In the screenshot you will read: Cybernem blah blah... "You know Atte scammed him right?" "Ya cause of me. He was always annoying me" Lennojx discredits those he has scammed by calling them scammers and it's unfortunate that people take his side because of his gears. You are exposed now Lennojx. Done. Let's see...They will most likely laugh at this post and call the conversation a joke and I suspect stunqueen will delete. (I am sorry for that) ...photoshop blah blah... This post is to prevent anyone else from being scammed by this guy. Be safe and never give Lennojx an ounce of trust. If he has your info I recommend changing it immediately. Regards Senpaiscam
  3. It's seems as though you want to add fuel and create arguments...aren't you a moderator? Why bring debate here with every MC post? This thread is under the umbrella of "suggestions" and people are trying to suggest fixes and voice their concerns. People are upset that they cannot explore the games potential because they have chosen a faction that is underdeveloped and dominated by a larger population. Yes they probably have heard people complain about imbalance in population since the dawn of time but that's because it has been this way for a long time. PROOF: Years ago I could not make an elf because it was locked - go and try to make one today - still the same, still capped, still overpopulated. I offer three suggestions in this "suggestion thread" that I hope aigrind will notice: 1. Make a safe zone around all respawn points so that we are not immobilized due to a dozen aoe's that are planted for hours on our respawn zones, affecting game play. 2. Buff up the npcs in towns. 3. Make MC side more appealing to join so that numbers can begin to level out. (Change the name, offer 2x free daily chest, give a free costume at level 10) Some exclusive incentive to get newcomers to join MC so that the population levels out. These are suggestions so please accept that there's nothing to argue with here.
  4. ...And every game eventually crumbles. You're missing the point...something could be done to bring MC population up and the game has existed for years with this imbalance issue. The recent update has dramatically made it noticeably worse by benefitting elf - Fact. There's only a handful of MC logged on during events compared to Elves and it will grow to 100% elf population eventually because people will gravitate to where the enjoyment is. It's much more fun with a group of 100 than it is with the 20 trying to respawn in T4 as the posted screen displays. The game will crumble in time like this and we as players will just move on to another game - It's the way of the industry. No big deal. GMs however will be looking for a job. Fix this please
  5. Simple fix #2 Change the name of MC side to something more appealing to get new players there so that the numbers become more balanced. Here's some suggestions: Aliens, The dark side, Terminators Something better than this boring "mountain clan & forsaken" that will bring more people to mc side. MC side is being overrun and once everyone gets fed up with it and all plays Elf than the game will eventually die out. People will get bored quick. Think about that GMs will you still have a job in 2 years if the game goes under? Something needs to change because killing MC side with low population and op aoe's will eventually kill the game. Fix this for our future as players and yours as employment. Peace out
  6. After every event the elves prevent us from re-spawning for an hour due to overwhelming numbers on their side compared to MC and a great deal of area damage aoe adds to that. During this time (1 hour) I will most likely play something else because it is pointless to continuously die to multiple area damage around the respawn. Maybe I'll have a better experience in this new game and maybe I'll spend money there instead... Love the game and I hope people don't leave but I see if something is not resolved than people will. Move the location of spawns so they are not close to war flags and make a safe zone around the re-spawns. Buff up the npcs...people arent lvl 20 capped anymore. Easy fix.
  7. Explanation: Two well known gankers that target low levels and boast about it on MC chat for hours a day. I have fragged each of them countless times but this (back to back) frag deserves a screen shot. (Keep in mind my 14 rogue does have 617 dmg so it's like a mini nuke) The joke is them. Wrecked by a 14 shows the quality of the accounts and skill they both brag about.
  8. BOOM! This is one of the more memorable moments of with a few friends last night. This screen shot is definitely a classic in the level 14 community and the comedy deserves to be shared with everyone in Sapphire.
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