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  1. Nope mortal you have done such a great job be proud of yourself! Even people who never win, always try and try again in the next contests. By the way, this is my 1st account
  2. Sometimes i hate volcano stage, sometimes i love it lol
  3. Can you change my username to "Livzz", Snorlax? Thanks if u change it...
  4. FB - 07.06.2012 Velaid at Foot of Grey Mountains (Left side of Kamp Riff)
  5. FB - 06.06.2012 Melia in Somarra Tribe Village
  6. FB - 29.05.2012 Noola in Somarra Tribe Village
  7. FB-28.05.2012 Melia in Somarra Tribe Village
  8. FB - 27.05.2012 Main Worker in the 1st cave of Good Fame Island
  9. Wow! =O That was really great war And yeah, i didnt join that war :( Hope i can join the next war ;)
  10. Im so boring... Zzz.. Btw, Thanks for the maintenance all devs :D
  11. nice, hmm.. maybe i'll be consider to play mage... But let me see until all the introduction completed
  12. can the forsaken communicate with the mc ppls and the chosen communicate with the fb ppls?
  13. I will be very busy with my school life, so i decide to take a rest from this game for 3 months until i finish national exam on April 23th... :( Goog bye all my friends and ppls :cray: :cray: I hope u all still play this game for next 3 months.. :friends:
  14. woi, jaw.. Ak ikutan y.. Nm charny nestly sm feast.. Bs diliat dibwh ---->
  15. Ofc Manchester United (MU) :) My favorite football club forever ;)
  16. is jc clan still working? Scout has quitted :(
  17. Good work, Kuz dan Devs :drinks: Its really nice :yahoo: :yahoo:
  18. lol, so many scammers in ws ban them all !!
  19. Please change the method to get exp. Because its a little hard to get exp just from quest. :( So my suggestion is : ppls can get the exp from killing monsters. if in party, the exp divided into half. special for bosses, the exp divided based on amount of the member in party. Hope u like this suggestion ::)
  20. Hello, guys !! ;D Glad to see u guys at this forum ::)
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