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  1. Agree and for addition, cd very good for caster specially healer, its help a lot when dungeon or killing boss, cuz you need fast cd for heal skill, so your pt will not die in dg or when farming
  2. Remove? How can? It's not easy like removing some old arena wep on arena shop. I think bd hams need decrease time of stun
  3. Yeah, but ranger need skill like that too
  4. Agree, gm make ranger only focus on dmg but forget deff is important too, so that make ranger weakest char on game. But, if we look rogue with same equip (ofc the wep is not same ) it more op than ranger cuz they have absolute reflex, so I think gm must give ranger deff skill like absolute reflex (not 100% like absolute)
  5. And pala new skill, wow caster + tank + runner wtf XD
  6. It's pretty balanced for now, but I think if gm give stun skill, it really good than anti stun kill
  7. Gm, we need lvl 14 or 15 dg for lvl 14 player, specially arena 14 players, at native island, or irselnort. I tried to go bg easy but hard to find pt, because all looking my level, not my staff
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