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  1. 1,2and4 are easy bosses in elf lab so why we can't have easy boss? :wacko:
  2. hytt123


    look map there is black seal or something like this go cave there quest
  3. Necromancer is very useful class for hunt bosses ;) i love necros because they have high heal ;D
  4. Do you think necromancer is weak arena class?If yes then say why it is weak.And if u think its not weak class then say what is the weakest class for arena. Lets see what u guys think :dirol:
  5. wow nice update :good: new lvl 18 drops :yahoo: and awsome dragon :shok: :shok:
  6. Some quests are in caves too
  7. wew much mc have lvl 18 weapons and i dont have even lvl 17 sword ;D
  8. hytt123

    bugs v3.0

    when i finish arena my hp 600 sometimes 800 my real hp is 1200 on my necromancer
  9. i just downloaded new version and servers down :facepalm: why?
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