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  1. hytt123

    Bad to see

    Its not fair for ppl who farmrd lab many hours weeks and now some lvl 14 get lvl 18 things.Enjoy your drops noobs >:D
  2. When i reach hydra after 2-3h there is no hunt.Can u devs make it easier for ppl to reach there?
  3. Thanks.for the.maps it helps me alot :yahoo:
  4. I need much repairs when u use armor and other things and also need much pots+some quests are cool and some bad,45%good quests 55% hard quests.But i love random things selection its good if u need gold
  5. Soon servers go online,google play hve changes and game say could not conect the server
  6. Wow wolfs can help awsome old version was cool i think
  7. My birthday is at sunday and update is in Monday nice bday gift ;D and I also will get iphone5 ;)
  8. hytt123

    bugs v3.0

    Ohh i must waste a lot of gold and mircle coins then :facepalm:Awsome way to make money aigrind xD
  9. hytt123

    bugs v3.0

    Why necros broke their things faster than other classes?Is this bug?
  10. Looks like its not sept update lol ;D
  11. When update? Is update over 1 month? :facepalm:
  12. ranger is 3rd of the stronges class :facepalm:
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