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  1. devs back ;D they don't want to us know about it but they still did something wrong.Devs go fix bugs if you back xD
  2. Dude crow up,what kind of guy will use his gf money on the game :facepalm: oh i know who,you :bad:
  3. Dude check ranger the most op class in game and paladin too can heal him self its op like kuz said.First. check around and then post
  4. it will be cool when werewolf costumes is in mc shop too
  5. 1 elf just keep killing my necro when i run naked.First time i made to kotravva he killed me at 2th room and after 2 h he did same.I hate that elf :bomb: I will pay if somebody bring me his head ;D
  6. I agree with others,that cloak need to be changed its bad to watch it :bad:
  7. hytt123

    For Kuzmitch!

    Happy birthday kuz!!! :drinks: Keep up good work ;)
  8. Fight between sulla and merc never stops? ;D
  9. It fails alot but still gives me some + too
  10. Health better coz necro lose lifes when he heal or use shield :bad:
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